And so it begins: CL to head to the US in 2015

So what I assume was bound to happen is happening. CL, leader of YG’s flagship girl-group 2ne1, will be flying solo in a venture to the United States.

Before I get into this post, all of this is opinions. I am just thinking about what we have, what we were given, and what we could get. Whether she makes it or not is up to how she is received and how the game is played on her/her camp’s end. That being said, we can look at some things and…talk about it.

So…let’s get to it.

I don’t think many are shocked or surprised. Apparently CL was one foot out the door in some fans minds. Plus CL has been making connections with people in the US.

One of the biggest things that has been mentioned is her networking. CL is by far the most active outside of 2ne1 in this aspect. She is at fashion shows, getting to meet people, and sit and do hookah with them…probably more than that.

In my opinion…eh… to usefulness of them. I think musically she doesn’t have a lot, and has to rely on that dude that makes ugly clothes as a sort of way in. While it is cute that she has taken pictures with these people, how many of them will be willing to work with her? CL doesn’t have a name, or much musical credit. She is just ugly clothes dude little…friend.

I don’t know who is on her contacts, and maybe she has a rather impressive list…but…meh. Taking a picture with so and so doesn’t mean shit in my book. But maybe she did get some goods while making rounds at different fashion shows. It’s just…Pharrell released new music and didn’t ask for CL. Not like that matters really, and maybe he tried and YG was like nah (which would be stupid as fuck all things considering), or whatever, it’s just…who is in that book that CL can use effectively?



Ugly clothes dude whose name is escaping and I am thanking God for that?

I pray to God they will have a fall out and she moves on to better clothing options.

I am just skeptical of what she has gotten in her little black book, and whether or not she can/will be able to use it.

Still that is something out of my reach so I move on… One of the good things I think is that she has management not YG. Chaerin will be managed by Scooter Braun, who is responsible for the careers of Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber…as well as some nobodies and a one hit wonder.

Scooter Braun and the successful trainwreck he manages.

I don’t hate the idea of him managing her. He’s an in. He’s a better in than what other companies have tried. Plus that means YG can leave the work to someone with experience in the US music industry.

In the several versions of this post, I tried to articulate several crucial points that can/will affect Chaerin’s career. But…so much effort.

So to summarize it all up.

Racism is a thing and you can look at the overall lack of East Asian (shit look at the overall make up of Asian representation period and you will see a shocking difference) entertainers can tell you a lot. While she may not directly deal with the hate, I guarantee there will be post on tumblr collecting the racist tweets that will be flung her way, as well as the xenophobic nature in many of them (go back home *insert slur directed at East Asian folk*). This will be a thing, and the think pieces that will come. Right now CL has a great foundation defying the idea/stereotype that Asian women are not strong and are submissive. I am not 100% knowledgeable about Asian stereotypes, but I think CL does stand out, and straddles the line as well.

Musically, CL has a fresh start. I would not take the sound that 2ne1 has created and try to place it in the west. It’s meh at best (yeah I said it). Plus it is not *her* sound. I know a lot of people have been wondering what she will do and what the song will sound like.

Image wise Cl really has nothing to worry about. The East Asian with a more aggressive/charismatic personality is not a new thing by any means. However it does give CL the advantage. She will be seen as progressive in some lights. I know this makes it sound like she is less of a person and more of a “project” (cannot think of the right word right now), but every little thing counts. CL’s image plays into the strong woman trope that is seen a lot in the US. It can make her a part of many discussions, along with her race. Whether this will be intentional on her camp’s part or not, it will happen, and it is good for her in my opinion. CL is not only the Korean chick with moxie however, and that is something they may need to develop on. Is she cool? Is she flirty and fun? CL in K pop is considered a try hard by many. Those qualities (whatever they may be) can ultimately help her in the more lax and free state of the US music industry. This will also play a part in her sound as well.

The Baddest Female is gonna have to edit the image a bit

Will CL focus more so on rapping or singing?

I prefer her to focus on her singing. I think she is a better singer than she is a rapper. Plus if she raps, she will inevitably have to step into the ring that many MC’s do (which is made even tighter for female mc’s), and she will have to stand up for her craft and abilities. I think for the best to not look stupid and just sing (although she can do like other non serious rappers and avoid it, but get called out on it a lot). But that’s just me and my reasoning. If she wants to be a rapper, then go with God on that one sis.

Will she flop or succeed?

This is the real question that everyone wants an answer to. I think most are just expecting her to fail. When you look at the evidence, it is hard to not immediately go to the negative. However CL has an in (with Scooter Braun), and slowly started to connect with people (yes she has been seen at events and shit, but who the fuck knows her name outside of the K Pop fandom??? Even if she took pictures with M.I.A. and Pharrell, no one was talking about it. It is odd and ironic that Rita is possibly doing just slightly more in getting CL known. Another things is that she has a fresh start. She is a no one. Like everyone else that has come to the US, she has nothing to her name really. I think it is best for YG to maybe shell out some coins (so they can then profit off of it, and say they were involved in some way), but let others handle the development of CL’s western venture.  However none of this means a thing, as the future always holds elements that we cannot foresee.

Personally, I think CL has a chance. CL is one of the more fluent, non foreign idols. She has a potential skillset to work with, and energy on stage to make shit happen. CL is as good as you are going to get bar Jay Park, and Ailee. But they (Everyone involved) have to take this seriously and approach it differently from the last times. Scooter Braun is her manager, let him do his job. YG (the comapny and man) need to back up and silently support her via financial love. CL doesn’t have a US label to back her up, so it will be up to YGE to do that. CL should actually put out more than one song, and promote it outside of a week. First song didn’t work out? Promote that shit anyway, and make sure to get your name out there. Then move on to the next song, and repeat (of course making sure to change anything necessary that will help bring in better results). Will this lead to super stardom? Maybe, maybe not. But that shouldn’t be the focus as of right now. They just need to get her her in the door, and work their way up.


But that’s just me.

So what are your thoughts?



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