2AM is going to serenade us through November with Let’s Talk (Comeback teaser post)

JYP’s vocal group 2AM is making a return after a year.

A year is like five in K pop, don’t ask me why. Anyway, it has been an actual year since Nocturne, the mini album they didn’t promote. Their last full promotion as a group was earlier that year with their second full album One Spring Day (which is gorgeous as hell). 2AM is really one of the only boygroups I fuck with because musically they fit my needs.

And that is why 2AM’s new comeback is kind of got me excited.

So let’s dive into what is happening music wise.

Let’s Talk (Days Like Today) is a pre-release, and will be released three days prior to the actual title track and album.

First off 2AM is harmonizing. I love harmonies. I think they can fill in empty spots on a song, and  make it bette (of course with the proper handling). The song sounds very JYP. It wasn’t written by JYP, but it has that adult contemporary/traditional R&B sound you hear. It is very mood music in vibe. I love it. I think I am going to love this.

The video is already telling me that they are going for heartstrings. Old man going on about his day thinking about his gone lady. It’s going to be very cute/heartwarming/sad as fuck.

I feel like just based off of how well Some, and Eyes Nose Lips did…I think this will do cute. People like 2AM. People like this kind of music. People will cry at this video. Look at that.

Along with this song, there will be a full album! And here are the teasers for said album.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There is a picture that is the background of their site…fuck…it is beautiful. I want it. Anyway….

Love the theme, very lonely in the cuffing season-esque (for those who don’t know what cuffing season is, it’s the fall+winter version of a spring fling, or summer romance. Last much longer, and a lot of inside activities to be honest). I am hoping we get nothing but Smooth R&B with a little quiet storm. I don’t want a single Korean ballad on this album (we’re going to get like three anyway).  But I am really excited. I like 2AM. Plus we are getting solos for each member, which allows me to appreciate what is going on in that group vocally (they also house some of my favorite voices in K pop from the dudes)

They are a very well rounded group who have a lane that they just do really well in. Plus making mood music in cuffing season is pretty damn smart; a lot of people gonna be in their feelings and why not make music that they can identify and be sad over. Capitalize off that shit.

Let’s Talk will be released October 30, 2014, with a pre-release single October 27, 2014.

Be on the look out for that!

Sources: 2AM site



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