And another one bites the dust: Luhan is reported to be leaving EXO and SM

*Warning this post is sloppily written, mostly random thoughts*

Let’s cut to the chase: SM has had a fucked year. And Luhan wanting out is only adding to it.

Luhan has filed suit against SM (God is not on that company’s side)

My thoughts are under the read more…they are there if you want to read them.

Let me just enter my thoughts: I personally don’t have a lot to say for Luhan. His comments about Tao’s skintone made me look at him funny, and I was never into the group to begin with. However good for him for getting out.

It has been a massive cloud of speculation that this was going to happen. The last week has been basically will he or when will he. Rumors were flying about his health (fans seem to accept this), apparently his Chinese fans were getting ready to deal with this…so they wouldn’t end up like Kris…beautiful (of course this is a rumor I have no proof for). He ended up missing a show I think?

Made it to Beijing though…hometown so he had to represent.

And then the rumors about him leaving started to fly.

I mean I hope he is okay, and he will get out and do better for himself.

SM is…well I am not going to say how I feel about SM right now. Just know…that this is the second confirmed time a group member has filed to leave this year (Sulli is still up in the air, but I feel like she is just fading out and waiting to go into her acting career). This is the umphteenth scandal this year alone…AND maybe the fourth one to have real negative consequences against the company.

Luhan was the golden meal ticket. He was their in to China. Of course they still have Victoria, and Zhoumi. However Luhan was their big one. And now that he is gone…

I mean good luck with that.

What else is funny is the we are One mess that arose after Kris left. Are we gonna get more of that?

Lay has come out to wish Luhan good luck.

Overall, this is a mess of a situation. Luhan will be okay. He can have a career in China (he has done nothing wrong, and if the health problems are pushed…shit…he a saint among men). Exo is down yet another member, and unfortunately it is in Exo-M. Exo M is just Chen, Xuimin, Lay, and Tao…which is okay. That is still a rather formidable group right there performance wise, but still a heft of that part of their fanbase is about to fade into thin air. SM isn’t fucked, but shit…it’s been a bad year. Dating news (didn’t do much to them really), Kris leaves (dent), tax evasion investigation (Dent), Sulli (dent), TaeyeonxBaekhyun (DENT), Jessica (CRATER THE SIZE OF RHODE ISLAND) Luhan (time to pack up shop).

I don’t think this will take them down, because they still have fans (As long as someone’s fave is still there, there will always be fans), and they still have most of the public on their side (No one is getting fired from shows, losing endorsement deals, jobs, etc.)

All in all…

This is a mess. I hope Luhan is okay and happy, and here’s to Exo…because there’s still two months left.

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