Akdong Musician returns with the made for Starbucks

Akdong basically owned the Spring with their album release Play. As winners of K Pop Star season 2, they were given the opportunity to sign with a big company of their choosing. They chose YG. After a year of waiting, they released their album to great success, and

I honestly don’t care that much for it, but it is a good song. I like the brothers voice. Home girl has a cute singing voice, but it was doing nothing for me here.

Akdong Musician is not really my cup of tea overall, but I do think they make good seasonal mood music. I think they make good music overall, but they way they set up their releases feels like they know what/when/why to release. I didn’t listen to their entire album, but from the singles, it was perfect for Spring. It felt bright, and pop latent, with some slight rhythmic vibes. With Time and Fallen Leaves it feels like a very acoustic sound of fall. It sounds like white people fall. But fall.

The song has gone number 1, which is great for them. This will hopefully allow them to continue on. If YG sees success then he will keep them going….until he gets bored, or Winner/iKon truly take off.

Anyway, the song is nice and very seasonal. They sound great (even though I think the sister is a little meh right now). They got themselves a hit with this. I think Akdong is a gem, and the brother-sister duo can do great things with time musically.


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