Red Velvet switches it up with Be Natural

It has been two months since SM’s latest girl group has debuted, and things are going slowly.

Happiness was not met with glowing love from everyone (I liked it, but I don’t have the greatest taste so…), and the video was originally a source of controversy.

Still the girls went through a month and some change performance run on that song, and were even able to get nominated for #1 on an award show. And their fanbase has grown considering they had little promo prior to their debut (their last member was not even mentioned in SM Rookies).

Needless to say, Red Velvet are doing alright in my book.

It’s small things that are getting them going.

Still for an SM group, people think they are just…doing terribly. Which…eh, I’m not going to comment on like that.

I had stated that they would need to comeback immediately to keep some momentum. I said October/November comeback, and I was on it.

So here we are with Red Velvet’s second digital single: Be Natural

Now to be completely honest: I love it. It has further cemented my liking for Red Velvet. The entire change in image and sound is great and works for them. Shit I expected this from the start (considering Seulgi and Irene’s dance cover of this). But Happiness gave us something positive and fun (and a little bit of a base breaker considering people loved it, hate it, and a small minority going eh).

Be Natural is much more fluid overall, but it is such a simmering song. Even in the original version nothing dynamic happened in the song. It was, and still is, a low key track that feels like quiet storm and smooth jazz.

Be Natural is a cover of one of SM’s older groups, and leading girl group of their time, S.E.S. It doesn’t seem SM doing too much for them right now. It feels really low key, especially compared to other SM groups.

There are a lot of big comebacks coming, and I don’t think Red Velvet will hit hard. I do think they will continue to build a fanbase, they already have a sizable one for a very new group (who group teasers were skim). I think Be Natural is more of a way to make sure the public knows they exist. Which is smart.

I do think they could have done more to differentiate this version and the original. The most they do is make sure all girls can be heard on the chorus instead of just the main vocalist (Bada for S.E.S. and Wendy for Red Velvet). Also removing the second verse is a double edge sword in my opinion. Once again the song doesn’t feel dynamic on its own, and so cutting out some of the fat song wise is a good idea. However that second verse could have gone to Seulgi, with some Joy and Irene sprinkled in, so it would not have just been Wendy, who was really prominent throughout the song.

I love Wendy’s voice, and she is the strongest in the group, but let’s make sure the group dynamics are good. Happiness did a good job making sure that the each were given parts throughout the song, even though when you actually look at it, Wendy and Seulgi did most of the singing, with Joy, and then Irene. But it looked evened out because it was spread out.

That second verse leaves us with a lot of space gone.

Taeyong (one of the male rookies at SM) does the rap verse. Nothing bad. I didn’t mind it. I know a lot of people did, but honestly, eh…he was there, he wasn’t terrible, and yeah.

The video was nice. People think it is cheap? I mean…expensive videos can be shit too. I like that they focused on the dance, and the moments in the beginning where they kept adding girls was creative. The whole fade in and the moment where Joy changed the scene was kind of lame, they could have just had her walk on to the scene and move with her, while the room changed (it doesn’t sound right when I write it out).

The choreography is cute for the most part.

Here is the performance of it live from last night

There is really nothing I don’t like about this comeback. Do I see big things in Red Velvet’s future because of Be Natural? Not really, but I think this will get them some notice from the public, and it’s not a bad final product in itself.

Red Velvet’s new single Be Natural will be released Monday October 13, 2014. Go get it!


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