Bernard Park makes his official debut with I’m…

Earlier in the year, Bernard Park won K Pop Star season 3 (the same show that gave acts such as Park Jimin, Lee Hi, Baek Ah Yeon, that one dude from Winner I don’t care about as well as Akdong Musician a chance).  The show has been a good thing in giving singers who normally would not get the chance to even come to these companies a chance to debut.

Bernard won his season, and chose JYPE (where Park Jimin joined after her win in the first season).

Since then he had gone under the radar, prepping for his debut (basically he lost weight and stuff like that).

Was his efforts worth the wait?

The saving grace of this song is that Bernard sounds wonderful. That’s it.

First off it’s borderline Korean Ballad. I think it is perfect timing to do a ballad around this time with it being fall and more cuddle weather, but eh…I love ballads, but K pop ballads tend to be very one dimensional.

Second there is one phrase that just…stands out, and that is because it is repeated throughout most of the song. Like I forgot verses were a thing for most of the song…it just…eh.

That being said, Bernard sounded amazing. He was giving you angst, without sounding whiny as hell. He already one of JYPE’s better vocalist. He has such a lovely voice.

Would I watch this live every music show? No.

The music video was nice. He showed up in his own video which is always great. But yeah the video was about a guy seeing his ex with her new man, and she is doing okay, and he isn’t, and then he goes to paint her on a wall in a drunken stupor (with great accuracy by the way), and then throws paint on her while it rains.

It’s dramatic, but very Korean. Like this video and song are very…typical. It feels like they want to be accepted so bad, and that is understandable. They want this one to be a success…instantly. Bernard falls under that I’m not idol pretty, but I’m cute and I can sing so let me just do all these ballads.

That’s him…or I bet that will be the plan.

It’s cuddle season. JYPE needs a win. Bernard can sing.

That is why I’m is happening.

Overall, I wouldn’t listen to this again willingly. It’s familiar. Like we have heard this several times, and it isn’t the best rendition of it. Bernard sung the hell out of this song though, and I can see people loving it live. But overall…yeah.

Edit/Update: Just found out that this was a pre-release, and the official single/debut is 0ctober 13, 2014. That makes a difference for me. With that in mind, the song is still okay but hopefully the first single will have the defining punch.


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