Crush whines on Sofa

I couldn’t think of a good title (not creative), so don’t take this to heart.

Crush has been a fave of mine this year. His album has been on repeat. I didn’t appreciate his first single, but everything else has been worth it. So you can imagine how ready I have been for something new by him. He has done an OTS, and a couple of guess spots on albums, but I wanted something from him that he was going to promote. Thankfully…we got Sofa.

And here it is.

I want to know…who said R&B and ballads have to be mutually exclusive? I ask this because it seems like they thought: Let’s make a ballad…but with R&B!!!

There are two major sounds going on. The very standard Korean ballad (you hear it in the violins). Then there is the R&B, which is heavy in that rhythm and evident in Crush’s stylistic choices vocally. It just didn’t match 100%.

That chorus is so…hm. It’s not jarring, or terrible, but it was like they didn’t really get to where they thought they did. As soon as that bass drops, the violins get quieter, and it feels more R&B.

I think I understand where they were going…but…eh.

Other than that, Crush has something cute. Very moody, very angsty. Exactly what I had anticipated. He sounds really good.

I am not over the moon about this one.

Video wise…it’s nice. Simple, moody, there are some imagery that was just unnecessary, and Crush seemed to be doing a little too much. Eh…I don’t know.

Sofa was something I wanted to believe in. But even after several listens/watches I didn’t get it like I wanted to.  This is my most uninspired review/post…I apologize.


2AM sings Over The Destiny

2AM have returned, and have been primping for this moment for awhile.

First there was a pre-release, the JYP produced Days Like Today.

Now we have the new single Over The Destiny.

I…don’t hate it…but I am not the biggest fan ever. It sounds like several ballads that I have heard before. It doesn’t stand outto me personally, and I think I will be okay not listening to this again. They sound great, Changmin and Jo Kwon, handle the chorus well…it sounds nicely done…but very typical. Very ordinary. I would expect this from 2AM to be honest.

The video was great, and I think creative. Your entire life with someone comes crashing and you have to do as much as possible to save that one thing, the person you love and your relationship with them. I loved that.

Overall I would give this a B-. They did a good job, and it sounds nice. But it has been done way too many times, especially from this group. 2AM is not just a typical ballad group, they have the ability to handle different genres, and even transition into idol group territory. I want something that just plays with their entire image (which they do, but only in jest). Over The Destiny just feels way too them, and I think at this stage of their careers, they should be switching it up or expanding on themselves as a musical group. But this is K Pop so maybe I’m asking too much.

2AM’s 3rd full album, Let’s Talk, is out right now. Be on the look out for the review (yes another album review is coming).

BTS does a follow up with a song I hate

AKA…Hormone War.

I didn’t do a review for BTS’ album Dark & Wild, but just know that everything I would have said about Hormone War would have been scathingly negative. It’s got better with a couple of listens, but I refuse to acknowledge this was something that should have happened.

It’s not terrible now, but oh God…

Anyway let’s watch the video.

Do I have much to say? No.

It’s a cute video, the choreo is actually fun to watch. Some gay shit happens. Song is still terrible in my honest opinion. But overall, the video makes it a lot more fun.

Super Junior releases two music videos and I got some opinions.

So yeah…this happened.

I like this in some way. I think there is something missing soundwise. I wanted to vibe out to it, but it just seemed so…boring. Like not obviously boring. I didn’t want to immediately turn it off. Instead I wanted to see where it would go. And by the end, it went no where. I don’t know Super Junior, so I can’t say whether or not that this is weak for them, but I wouldn’t throw this to the top even with my limited knowledge. The video…well SM did the same thing with Red Velvet in how they shot it, and it looked better with Red Velvet in a way (although it didn’t have that ugly transition that Red Velvet did).

The choreography seemed very bleh.

And now we move on to Evanesce

Much more interesting than This is Love. And you want to know why I think that. THat overly dramatic ass chorus when Eunhyuk ole girl start dancing. I love drama in music. Make a moment, but make sure it works. This worked for me. It sounded like 2009 yes, but it still worked. The beginning way nice enough, and the beat is cute (once again reminding me of 2009 sound wise). The video was basically the sad version of This Is Love, with no awkward dancing.

Overall I am not the biggest fans of these two really. I think they are okay, could be better, but okay. I don’t hate them. That’s about as much as I can give them. Honestly, they sound like afterthoughts put on at the last minute. But eh…

More 2AM things

Not even given Day’s Like Today a chance to breathe, 2AM and their parent company JYP are moving on to the promotional single Over The Destiny.

Giving me Korean Ballad, and I don’t know how to feel about that. The video is giving me drama, and it looks like his girl is falling out of the sky, and I don’t understand, but I hope he catches his chick because shit.

Anyway, along with the teaser for their upcoming single, an album spoiler has been released as well.

I already have opinions. I feel like I am going to like this album a lot, but the first section might have quite a few criticisms. However…let’s just get into the fact that all four are getting solos, and Jo Kwon is coming back for his post as the bad bitch of K Pop. It has the thump that is giving me better Adam Lambert, and I can’t wait to get into it. Of course I could be very wrong, and it sucks, and the first half is better than the second half.

We won’t find out until October 30, 2014 when both Let’s Talk and Over The Destiny are released.


2AM coos on Days Like Today

It wasn’t even a day ago I wrote the post for 2AM, and now we have the pre-release track.

It’s very moody. That smooth R&B and classic soul teas are running amok. It’s the song that I wouldn’t see as a big hit on most levels, but if this were to be played on the radio while I was driving, I would listen, and sing along with the chorus. There is something moving about it in a way. Like it isn’t exactly the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I like it. I genuinely like it.

On the album, I hope this would be the track that leads into something else that will knock my socks off (I think it is the second or third track on the album).

As a song, I can’t hate it, however I am hoping the actual promotional track will have a lot of punch and life. This was good for what it is worth, and maybe as a third fourth single in another country…yeah. But K Pop doesn’t work that way.

As for the video…can’t hate it. Very typical, very on the heart strings. The video focuses on the day in the life of one random old dude. He does a lot of random normal things. Water his garden, take walks everywhere, go to the dentist. He even chills with his friends at one point. I’m no thespian, or massive film buff, but I do think the old man got the point across that today was just one of them days. WIthout even knowing his normal day to day, he seemed sluggish, out of it, and wandering.

We get to see a small glimpse of what can only be assume as part of his past. It happens during his dentist appointment, when he was put under. We go to a dreamlike state where we see him (in his current age) and a woman who looks to be maybe a decade or two younger (I saw crows feet) walking behind him with that same popsicle he had before.She was in black and white.


This was the most out of the ordinary moment of the video, however it happened under what is to be considered normal circumstances.

All the members show up at various points in the video. Jo Kwon is at the park eating the same Popsicle as well. Changmin is old man’s dentist. Jinwoon is rocking out with a streetband. Seulong is a waiter.  Even though they showed up, it was nice that the video focused on someone else (who was also lipping the lyrics at moments).

Overall I like, but I won’t really remember it like that. It’s a track that I will appreciate on the album (if it works out to be that way), and is doing its job as a pre-release.

2AM will officially return with their third studio album, Let’s Talk on October 30, 2014, as well as their new single .

And so it begins: CL to head to the US in 2015

So what I assume was bound to happen is happening. CL, leader of YG’s flagship girl-group 2ne1, will be flying solo in a venture to the United States.

Before I get into this post, all of this is opinions. I am just thinking about what we have, what we were given, and what we could get. Whether she makes it or not is up to how she is received and how the game is played on her/her camp’s end. That being said, we can look at some things and…talk about it.

So…let’s get to it.

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My Rookie of the Year Crush to comeback with a single

Look at God blessing me with the good shit.

Crush is to return this November with a new single titled Sofa.

Crush| Sofa single cover

There really isn’t much to say right now. I know it’s going to be some moody ass R&B, which as I stated in my 2AM post, is perfect for this type of season. I am hoping that Crush is still developing his sound and continuing to modernize it. What appealed to me about his album was the fact that it didn’t feel as the normative R&B sound in K Pop. It played with a variety of forms of R&B, yet still fit perfectly together. With a single, we can only get one sound, and I am hoping he doesn’t go for what is pretty normal in K pop.

Still I am hoping that this single makes good moves for him. More moves means a better chance at consistent release rates. I’m into that.

To finish off this post I offer you one of my favorite songs of Crush’s debut album.

Tell me this isn’t one of the best tracks on the album, and I will call you a bold face liar, and tell you your mom should have swallowed. I’m being 100 with that statement. Don’t argue with me.

That album is full of great songs, and it’s a good album overall. Despite Crush’s track record being small as of now, it’s still really clean in my book.

Crush’s newest single Sofa will be released October 30, 2014. Be on the lookout for that.

2AM is going to serenade us through November with Let’s Talk (Comeback teaser post)

JYP’s vocal group 2AM is making a return after a year.

A year is like five in K pop, don’t ask me why. Anyway, it has been an actual year since Nocturne, the mini album they didn’t promote. Their last full promotion as a group was earlier that year with their second full album One Spring Day (which is gorgeous as hell). 2AM is really one of the only boygroups I fuck with because musically they fit my needs.

And that is why 2AM’s new comeback is kind of got me excited.

So let’s dive into what is happening music wise.

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Epik High enlist a force for Born Hater

I have been skimpy, I know, so lets get into this.

Epik High will be releasing a new album Tuesday, titled Shoebox. To entice the public the group released their single Born Hater, with a lot of help.

The song features: Epik High, Beenzino, Verbal Jint, and YG’s young stunners: Mino (of Winner), Bobby and B.I. (of the future group iKon). I will say I am only familiar with some of these people (Epik High I only know of Tablo like that)

Suffice to say this is a hefty list of people to talk about. So let’s just dive on in….after the break.

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