*Throws Glitter* Ailee teaser post!

It has been seven months since Ailee had promoted her last effort The Singing Got Better (which I did not care for), and in those months, I did not care at all.

Still it is always nice to see her return and watch what she will do next.

Her company has been releasing teasers here and there since it was announced that she would return.

Teaser images!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When it comes to the teasers, I am confused. They vary…but it doesn’t give me cohesiveness. What are we looking at musically? You get like three different feels. There is this theatrical vibe coming from the Clown, and short hair images. The one in the dress and blue space gives me drama, but simplicity. And then you got this round the way image going on the normal clothes and shit…like it is saying a lot, and I don’t know what is going on.

If she was in the west, this would have been okay…to an extent. But in K Pop, I need some synergy. I can see outside of the normal clothing two a theme…but eh.

Maybe these images reflect the songs?

Anyway today we got…a MV teaser.

The set up looks very typical of Ailee, however there does seem to be something close to a theme that was created in the teaser pics. There is some drama with them lights on the wall, and the mannequin scenes. Also you can see the hats the female dancers are wearing are the same as the one that Ailee was wearing as a clown. Also she is on one of those rings…

I think everything is pointing to the theatrics and circus. Like a “deconstructed” version of both. That is something I would love to see, and I think Ailee has the skill to pull it off…in theory. The thing is that who ever developed this is…well…let’s hope it makes sense when we see it.

She dancing again, which…well go for it girl.

As for the song, it sounds like there is a slight gospel influence with the claps in the background which is different for her (But nothing I can’t imagine because her thing is that she is a singer first). I don’t really have an opinion on it (it is a teaser afterall).

I’m still excited. I’m just confused as to where everything is going. Teasers don’t give everything, and a lot of times can be mad misleading, but the focus here is just everywhere but one place.

Eh well…September 25 will bring answers.


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