KuzzReviews: 2PM keep a good streak with Go Crazy

2PM and I have a special relationship. By that…I think their fine, make good music, but I am never truly sold on them. I don’t feel the need to follow them outside of the album they create for the Korean masses (I am not stepping into their Japanese releases).

From what I have seen they work really well, and I think highly of them as performers in general. But would I go out of my way to even considering the title of Hottest?


Last year they gave me one of my favorite albums in Grown. It reflected a much more developed, mature side of 2PM. They were no longer beast idols, but the guys you take home to mom, and then fuck later that night when they get rave reviews from the parentals. The album was pretty damn good, and even after having had some issues with certain songs, I found that the project was still good overall, and listenable today (like this album did not just come out a year ago…). So Go Crazy was following in the footsteps of some big ass shoes for me.

…and I am not mad at all.

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Go Crazy

When I originally listened to this, I did not care for it. I don’t think I explained my issue with it before, and I don’t think I never knew why. I just did not like the song. However with every listen (due to wanting to watch them live, and having to listen to it on the album), I got to understanding it. 2PM have this thing where they make something better live.  They added nothing to the song in the live performances. Nothing dynamic, awe inspiring, or a change in sound. I think I even mentioned how I thought the choreography was clunky (if not here, I said it somewhere). They did nothing but get on stage and perform that song in those tacky outfits, behind a backtrack, but at the end of the day, it worked. By the time I got to listening to the album, I was here for it. I don’t know if it is a favorite, but I do like it. It is a great intro song, that just has the group taking off running.

A Night Like Tonight

This song admittedly took a couple of listens. I was trying to find something in the song that maybe didn’t exist. Like I wanted something to be wrong with it. It’s not a special song, but still enjoyable. The production is fun; the album overall has this very 80’s feel, and this song really touches on that.  I just felt like bopping my head the entire time. When it came to the group, I think this was them at their weakest. It felt too smooth. Outside of the chorus, and Taec’s rap, everything was on one setting, and I wished they had picked up the energy.

She’s Ma Girl

This is a fun song. It picks up slightly and I think that has a lot to do with the instrumentation. More instruments were used on this in comparison to the preceding songs. It gives such a bright, as well as the song feeling more alive, quality. I love the jazzy vibe it has. Also the song taking a step up in key change, and tempo only added to that vibrant feel the song has. For the group, Taec really shouldn’t have sung…but that’s just my opinion. Everything else is on point.


Whoever did this song needs an award. It’s a throwback, but fucking good one. I love how this song is set up (Sans Taec’s rap verses). My favorite part is the chorus which gives us Junho on falsetto, and then is followed by Chansung and Wooyoung. I appreciate that. Junho’s chorus is nice, but it is so short. That follow up allows the entire chorus to just sink into your head. The harmonies are on point. I love it when a song is filled up (if needed). I love Jun. K’s willingness to turn up if needed. Giving you Michael on that final verse (not in doing his signature vocals, but in the overall approach).


When I first started this review, this was admittedly my least favorite song. Not because I thought it was trash, and hated it. I just didn’t think it was going anywhere. However…this song is the reason I had to redo my entire review. Like I said, I thought this song was all chorus, Taec’s verses (which he should not be allowed to have two verses damn near every song), and the second verse of harmony and falsetto. Now listening back to it…I just…it’s so damn right. It’s a right in almost all the right ways. The lyrics were trash from what I remember, but just listening to this. I want to hit a schmoney dance several times. The beat is funky, and moves. It has some late 70’s in it. Even on the first listen, I was just moving along with the song. What is next is the group performance. To be honest, it is lowkey, but I live for it. The verses are very short, and Jun. K doesn’t get to pop off. Instead though, you have to get into them harmonies. This is basically what the second verse is built on. Junho is on falsetto duty, and the rest follow suit (I think that is Nichkhun and Wooyoung doing the lower parts, I don’t know). And for a breif second I fell in love. When I took several more times to listen to this, I realized that I missed the songs selling point…the harmonies. They exist throughout the songa, dn whomever dedicated their voices to doing them higher parts need to be paid a little extra. I think they add so much to a song that is supposed to be lowkey. I think the problem is that the verses are not developed at all. They are short, and then Taec. The second verse feels right in length, but they could have given someone a chance to mellow smooth their asses in there…they wasted an opportunity to really send this song over the edge, but we still get the funkiest track on the album, with some nice harmonies.

Let It Rain

I love it…mostly. The beat sounds so old and corny, I’m dead ass serious when I say I have heard a Barbra Streisand sound with that same structure. Off her Wet album… Like this is really 80’s as fuck musically, which fits the rest of the album. The issue I have is that the song seems…off. The song is about not wanting to let go of a lover (post coital, a cuddle, I don’t know), and being happy the rain has delayed them (As if she was having to walk her ass home or something). The way the song goes feels bright, yet melancholy. Like they know the rain will end, and she will go. They don’t want the moment to end. 2PM does a good job though. Like outside of one performance on this album, I have yet to truly be disappointing.  2PM has the perfect amount of whine in their voices to make me not hate them. And they put their good singing on this song.


Every time Chansung wants to get behind the pen, I like it. This is a much better attempt than Coming Down (which was my favorite 2PM creation off of Grown). I just want to go in on one part. I love…Live…BREATHE…the section right before the chorus. I am going to give you a time stamp (@56 seconds, and just listen to Jun. K), but this section is first done by Jun. K (right before the chorus). The phrasing…the way he did that run was too smooth. I know many may not care or think it is a big deal, but that run sent me over the edge. That entire section (which is sung by two singers) just melts me. It’s sensual and kind of reminds me of Anita Baker (just in how it was handled,, they didn’t give me her signature inflections that sound like she yawning). I don’t think I can explain it properly so let’s move on. I think this was one of the better crafted songs overall. Like everything really came together perfectly. The beat has a very…cliche sound, and throwback feel to it. And I was rocking to it hard. It’s also the “darkest” song on the album. The sound doesn’t slow down really, but the production feels so…much more negative than the rest of the album. It’s a small moment of variety on a rather bright album. I think they handle this song well. I honestly don’t think they could have done this baldy.

Pull & Pull

This is the only time the beat was terrible. It sounds like…it sounds amateurish. I was rocking to it, but it is so…meh. There are moments that I do admire. Taec’s verse has a more developed sound on it. I don’t know how to explain it, but it was one of the few times that Taec actually was not the worst part of the song (that sounds mean). The bridge all  the way to the end is perfect though (Sans the beat). I like the whole going off on the chorus, I wish they had just continued on while the song was fading out and not stopping immediately as the song finished (if that makes sense). Like the song be done while they are mid sentence because it faded out too far for us to hear them. That would have been perfect. Anyway, I think this is the first time I was eh with the production of the music, but everything else lined up pretty damn well.

Farewell Trip

I don’t hate it…but it sounds really beneath them. This sounds like something Infinite would do. It’s way too typical K Pop boygroup for 2PM, who not only come from a bigger more developed in sound company, but also are way above this. Even at their funnest, and energetic on this album, it sounds so much more…evolved. I mean it isn’t terrible, and doesn’t exactly not fit…but…eh.

Beautiful (Korean Version)

I liked it. It’s an old song so not much to say.

I’m Your Man (Korean Version)

Don’t care.

Go Crazy is such a far left from Grown, which can be good and bad. First off it gave us variety. There are positives to developing the sound that came before, but K Pop…eh…it doesn’t work the same. Also playing playing in a new field can show your variety and how flexible you are. I don’t know if that makes sense…

The issue is…well it has to work.

My opinions on Go Crazy range from good and bad, all focusing on the very same aspects.  I think it is a good album, but after repeated listens I picked it apart more than I did Grown.

Go Crazy has a very uniform sound. The songs don’t sound the same, but the theme/feel of the album does not vary. Even when they jump from different genres, you still get the same vibe. It is bright, energetic, lively, and just pure fun. From start to finish, you are basically not getting a moment to breath really. Whether the song wasn’t really all that interesting, or stood out, I never stopped bopping my head because the music was knocking (Even on songs like Pull & Pull). You never really slow down. And 2PM happily take on each song with the same level of energy that is required (sans A Night Like Tonight). The instruments brought in were very few that could be used to make a darker more lulling sound. Boyfriend is really the only song that is anything remotely on the “darker” side in terms of sound.  My thing is, I kind of wanted to slow down.

Certain songs felt like they could have been slowed down, and achieved a much better effect. One example is It Is Raining. The chorsu felt so cheesy in a song that I think was beautiful. It takes away the serious for me when I am listening to something that sounds…like it is trying. Another example is Pull & Pull which sounds like a copy of what the song was supposed to be. They as a group sound great, and I love everything but the beat. The album is called Go Crazy, so slowing down may have not been in the best interest, which I completely understand. I just wished they did.

As for the group 2PM. They delivered. I think they did their good singing on this album (not from a technical standpoint, but just giving me performances that stand out to me). Jun. K may not be the best at what he does vocally, but he puts his foot into it. Junho’s falsetto was used often and I am appreciative of it. Wooyoung feels very stagnant as a singer. He is wonderful to watch perform, and I actually like his voice, but in the group setting he blends in way too well (A problem I had with him on Grown). Chansung feels like he is on the verge of being better than he is. I love it. I love his tone, and he seems like someone I want to hear more of on his own. He just has a voice I want to listen to. Nichkhun wasn’t terrible.   Taecyeon was there.

As a group, 2PM are a damn good collective of performers, and that translates into the music they sing. They can get into a song, and deliver. I was never bored listening to them, and focusing solely on them. Even their weakest are something akin to interesting. And that trumps a lot for me.

Go Crazy is the polar opposite of Grown. It is bright, fun, but very narrow in terms of production. It represents the side of the group that can get on stage and be silly and have no worries to their names. Even though I think they could have done something better, when I stop focusing, I still hear a good album. That is all that really matters.



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