TaeTiSeo return with Holler

There was a teaser post in my drafts…that didn’t get posted…so here you go.

Anyway, TTS have returned with a new mini album, Holler. As part of the promotional effort, they have released a video for the title track…Holler.

Under the break for my thoughts!


It’s a step up from Twinkle at the very least (yes I hate Twinkle). It also brings to light something that I have always wondered…is there a difference between TTS and the parent group Girls’ Generation. The answer is yes.

TTS takes three of the stronger singers (Jessica is the second strongest in the group, but someone in SM really didn’t see it for her in this group), but at the same time…these are three of the weakest dancers. So they play up to the obvious strengths. Give them more vocal based songs, and while it can be rhythmic (as their preferred pop-flavor musically) it doesn’t require intense synchronized dancing, which is SNSD’s specialty.

Basically: Less dance, more Ariana Grande.

This song is more R&B flavored influences (with some jazz, and whatever else) pop. It’s cute.

I don’t really see it as this groundbreaking song, but it is no where near terrible in my opinion.

I think where the song fucks up, and hurts the quality, is the chorus. The repetition of Holler is so ugh. It was lazy and uninspiring.

The verses are meh. This is really one of the rare times I get oomph from them as singers so I guess that’s something.

The best part of the song (and my favorite) is at 2:10-2:50. The beat takes this smooth ass vibe to it, and I started rocking.  The beat, their voices, the harmonies. Musically it reminds me of SHINee’s Sherlock. I think they lined up perfectly for a good 40 secs.

Overall, I don’t hate this endeavor, and I certainly like it more than Twinkle. But it’s the chorus that makes me think less of the song.

Video wise…well there is only so much they could do apparently.

Holler video wise, is Twinkle with a more fluid dance…that is saying a lot when you watch the video.

It really isn’t much to go off from. I don’t hate it, I don’t have anything bad to say about it…

However I don’t feel the need to go rewatch it because I don’t understand it. Holler is a very simple, very easy to digest video. The choreography is easy because look who is doing it. The scenes focus on how pretty they are because they are pretty. They are in a hotel like situation because…well SM is cheap.

There isn’t much to look at and think about. It’s cute for what it is.

Overall I want to say this is a step in the right direction, but at the same time it doesn’t feel like it when you like at the entire project. I get a more adult vibe as SNSD moves on in their career. Their sound is maturing and it is bleeding into TTS. As a song, Holler could have been better, the chorus was just a no, the verses were as good as they were going to get, but those 40 secs that sounded like a SHINee’s Sherlock were perfect. Video wise…eh it’s something they have done…nothing really to overthink. I think what makes me not completely write it off is TTS actually sounded like something. They didn’t feel as SM as usual (that’s a thing for me, others may not agree and that is okay). They sounded grown, and forward (this happened on Whisper as well, which I love), not as indirect and nonthreatening as per usual with them.

Like I said, I want to say it is a step in the right direction because they did better, but the product doesn’t seem fully there for me.

TTS have returned with their new mini album Holler, be on the look out for that review!


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