Ailee is done clowning around and is set to return.

Ailee is proof that the Korean entertainment system is not 100% heartless. After her nude leak scandal (one of the few legit things to be called a scandal to be completely honest), there was fear that her career would take an inevitable hit. Instead the public, other celebrities, and the industry seemed to be on her side. Ailee was a victim and was treated as such.

Good for her.

After that, she won a few awards, released another single (The Singing Got Better…which was as basic as most of her music usually is), and has been lying low musically sans a few IS2 performances here and there.

Well Ailee is back. And she is coming…as a clown.


She is giving us…clown…

I like it. Ailee needs diversity. Giving her something other than glam singing diva (with boring songs) may get her a little more attention (not that she really needs it all things considering). It also will show her ability as a performer if she can handle other concepts/images well.

However there is only so much she can do when the music is terrible. Hopefully whatever she is given is good. She can have the voice of 150 angels, but if the song is trash, no matter what…the song is trash.

I’m actually excited for her on this. The image sold me because it is different, especially for someone whose selling point is her voice. I want theater and dynamic mess! I want it all. But we are probably going to get something standard and eh…

Ailee’s new ep Magazine will be released September 25 so be on the look out for that!


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