Teen Top returns with Missing.

Wow my title is trash…

Teen Top has returned from where they were (I don’t follow this group, so any of their stans are free to inform us on their past where abouts), with the simmering Missing.

I like it, but there are things that needed changing. First off the song music wise is oddly versatile. It’s that R&B that we don’t hear often in K Pop, but is still used regularly. When I first heard it, I was thinking they should have went with a flirtatious party song. It has that swagger that doesn’t come to hard, which allows it to be inviting, and easy to digest. It’s very easy. But as I continued listening, I began to get it. The beat also is moody, and when put together with the right vocals…you get Missing.

Once again, I like it.

I feel like the execution on Teen Top’s part is okay. The rapping felt right in place (I don’t know their skill level on that), the vocals are alright, and Taemin-lite does his job musically.

The video is alright. I think they should have just done a more simple set on the group scenes. K pop sets are way too gaudy, and overly animated (maybe to distract you from the trash song, I don’t know), and sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. I think this could have been done in a warehouse, or something. In an alley. Something a little more real…I don’t know. The story line was a little hard to follow. I think when you have videos, you need to make sure that everything makes sense. I feel like the girl cheated on her boyfriend, with the friend, and something happened. If I had the lyrics maybe that would make sense of everything.

Eh well…

Overall, this is a nice comeback for me. I don’t know if I will be completely in love, and watching their every move afterward, but I didn’t hate it. The song was nice, the video wasn’t hard to swallow. I don’t think Teen Top are going to be shooting up in popularity (partly because they have two God-tier idols fresh on their return), but this is a nice treat.


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