Spica comes back as a “sub-unit” with You Don’t Know Love

So…SPICA worked sooooo hard on that US debut…and decided to not stay away too long.

But here is the thing. Spica is doing a sub-unit.

With four members…of a five member group.

Nicole Beharie is confused as well



I am going to go against a grain and say that the song isn’t a problem…it’s them.

I think Brave Bros gave them a nice enough song. It’s standard as fuck (It’s essentially a smoother version of Hyorin’s One Way Love), but it’s nice. The issue is the group is just not on point this time.

To be honest, their best is Boa, and she is not a part of this project, which leaves a hole in the dynamics (Which isn’t saying much because the group is still with problems even with her there). The energy that she usually has, is not there, and we are left with these four. Bo Hyung who usually steps her game up, is just hm here. The other three…they sound nice.

Brave Brothers is not without problems (the same repetitive use of sounds, not just overall elements, but melodies and shit) , however sometimes a group just has to step up and work with what they got. Spica.S didn’t do that, at least in my opinion. They showed up and gave us something cute, on a cute song, but there was nothing there for me to care about musically.

The performance…it was okay. This only furthers proves that Spica needs work. They are not a dance group so anytime I see them with choreography, I just eh…The chorus is on point and that was when they were at their best overall musically, and there are nice moments. It’s just the total package is not at 100%.

The music video to You Don’t Know Love  comes out September 12 at noon (basically midnight for me).



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