T-Ara come back with EDM laced Sugar Free.

*Insert comment about T-Ara’s fall from grace.*

*Insert comment about the two solo debuts from earlier this year*

Alright…let’s go.

I really wanted to like this but a lot of this is just…


First off the song…that first part right before whoever comes in and sings Sugar Free…

Like it is not terrible (although whoever mixed this needs to lose their job because I could barely hear them over the music sometimes)…but that first part is giving me everything I could have wanted musically. Like it’s sickening. Everything before the 30 sec mark…is perfect. But I guess they couldn’t have made a whole song around that, so we get something more standard in sound, and it is nice. Like the song really isn’t terrible, but it starts perfectly…and then turns into something a little more standard soundwise. Not bad…but eh.

You would think with an alright/nice/this is cute song…you would compensate with a good video.


Who the fuck thought the light show was a good idea? It’s terrible, and I could hardly see anything half the time. But that didn’t matter because the choreography felt uninspired. It had moments, but the chorus…which is the part you will mostly remember…is them pointing and swaying their hips.

It was so bleh and bad at the same time. The video had a lot of potential if it wasn’t for the poorly lighting choices.

Overall…eh to no. I don’t hate it which means I will probably change my mind about it eventually songwise. But this video is something I won’t put effort into watching again. Hopefully their new record will have something to make up for this promo single.


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