Ladies Code follow up: Rise passes away (and me being in my feelings a little)

This week has basically been about Ladies Code. I have not been updating for the sole fact that I was busy, and just not in the mood considering most of the post were going to be about this incident.

To get into it…

Kwon Ri Se, also known by her stage name RiSe, has died.

Like everyone was pulling for her…even I was, and I had realistically saw this coming. Even if the odds were in the negatives…I was hoping we would hear that everything was okay, and then after months, we would hear she was doing okay. After that I didn’t really see her coming back to K Pop. My hopes were only going to go so far. But I, like so many people hoped she was going to make it.

However I also knew that was not going to happen. If she didn’t die…she was going to be in a vegetative state. Existing, but not living. Like every time they updated on the situation, it never sound like it was going to get better for her. I just…there was no light at the end of this tunnel.

The good news is that she is no longer in suffering, and her family does not have to sit there and guess/wait/hope anymore. As fucked up as that sounds…they can start grieving…and one day move on.


Other good news…Sojung is on her way to a recovery. The families of Ladies Code (most notably RiSe and EunB) have been greatly supportive to all the ladies. The support that has been flowing from the industry has been beautiful. There have been idols tweeting, attending EunB’s wake and funeral,  wearing little black ribbons…all for these young ladies.

And the K Pop fandom got Ladies Code their first number 1 with “I’m Fine Thank You.”, out of respect and last wishes of EunB.

Even in all the bad…there has been some good.

But now, the good will have to settle back into a place of mourning again.

There has been a lot going on, and so much to talk about (idol schedules, traffic safety, the overall treatment of idols period)…but…right now…I don’t think I can say a lot.

I hope the rest of Ladies Code will heal and find solace in what they do later on in life. I hope the families of Eun Bi and Ri Se will be able to continue on in life after this (burying their children…and ones that were public figures…this is never going to go away I assume). I hope change happens.

I just hope these young ladies that have died are in a better place now.

To end this post on a slightly better note…here is the group’s last single as five. Kiss Kiss


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