KuzzReviews: 2PM keep a good streak with Go Crazy

2PM and I have a special relationship. By that…I think their fine, make good music, but I am never truly sold on them. I don’t feel the need to follow them outside of the album they create for the Korean masses (I am not stepping into their Japanese releases).

From what I have seen they work really well, and I think highly of them as performers in general. But would I go out of my way to even considering the title of Hottest?


Last year they gave me one of my favorite albums in Grown. It reflected a much more developed, mature side of 2PM. They were no longer beast idols, but the guys you take home to mom, and then fuck later that night when they get rave reviews from the parentals. The album was pretty damn good, and even after having had some issues with certain songs, I found that the project was still good overall, and listenable today (like this album did not just come out a year ago…). So Go Crazy was following in the footsteps of some big ass shoes for me.

…and I am not mad at all.

To read full review, just continue on after the break!

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*Throws Glitter* Ailee teaser post!

It has been seven months since Ailee had promoted her last effort The Singing Got Better (which I did not care for), and in those months, I did not care at all.

Still it is always nice to see her return and watch what she will do next.

Her company has been releasing teasers here and there since it was announced that she would return.

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Z:EA leader Junyoung got some shit to say apparently

So I was watching the flawless and life giving On The Run Tour when this popped off, so I could not pay attention to it. Beyonce and Jay Z are more important that K Pop. When it was over, I thankfully was able to quickly find a link to the new story.

So Junyoung of the group Z:EA has gone on twitter and posted a long ass rant (of course made of various tweets) against his CEO…of Star Empire

Let’s just…read this.

Of course after the jump

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Huzzy speaks: Site things (plus pictures and gifs to make it less boring)


I am just here to see how things are going? Y’all enjoying your stay/pass through/siesta?

Alright then, let’s get down to business.

-No cut this time. Y’all gonna have to read all of this-

I just want to say thanks to anyone who has pressed that follow button, and did not unfollow. I appreciate that. I’m not of quality and I apologize for that. It takes a big person to not just leave when there is trash on their dash. Y’all are MVP’s.

Also thanks to the people who come in and read my shit. It’s not the best, or the most understandable, but people read it. I assume y’all do anyway. You are also MVP’s.

This gif is going to be used a lot on this site fyi…

When you do that, I imagine some of you got some shit to say: you don’t like how I review things, you don’t think I actually listening to something, you disagree in general, you think I am not talking about something that actually is important…etc…etc.

Well…you are more than likely right. And that is okay. I would love to hear the feedback that floats through some of your minds (if that is even on your mind). I’m not going to exactly change if I don’t see for it, but feedback is most definitely welcomed.

Let me know that you exist, and that this is not the computer playing tricks on me.

So what I am trying to say: Comment. I want to hear your opinions on things. You might have heard something I didn’t musically. TaeTiSeo’s holler was a cute but forgettable track to me, but to you, there may have been some hidden symbolism or something. Like…by all means hit the comments up to explain that. Do that for any post. I had a Miss A post and I thought I would get some opinions, but it didn’t happen. That post was straight opinion, and you may have felt differently. So why not tell me about it?

Of course you are not obligated to do this. I just want to hear y’all on some things. No pressure!

Now we have to move on to site things…


The reviews

Sometimes you got to fake a smile when a bitch around

I have been skimpy on the album reviews. Why? They take too much damn time. Even if I rush through one, and the album is no more than four to five songs, sans a remix and instrumental, that is at the very least a couple of hours of my time. I don’t just listen to the albums…if I am unfamiliar with the group and their dynamics…I have to go find out who is singing what, also I need to know what the song is about. Some of these songs have some critical differences in how they sound and their content. So I need to be prepared on all fronts. It may take a few days to find color coded lyrics (I have three places I go to for that tbh), so reviews at the very least take a couple of hours,m at the very most…a damn week. JYJ took two (and I didn’t even post that review). I had all the time in the world during the summer to listen to as many albums as I could. But I am back in school, and now I got other shit to do. That being said, I do still have a lot of albums to go through. I have a review tag for more than just music videos and shit. So I need to do better on that part.

Aside from album reviews I do singles and music videos. These are the easiset to get done. The translation is usually up within a few hours (if their 1TheK is not the one to upload it, or it is not under JYP, YG). The issue with these, is that I don’t get to every comeback, video, song…sometimes I am busy, sometimes I don’t care. To alleviate that, I want you guys to kind of just push someone to my attention. Please…comment.

If you have albums you want me to review, shoot me a message about the album and I will put it on my list.

Random K pop news

Why don’t I keep up and report on everything? Because fuck shit that’s why

This is my least favorite thing to do for several reasons.

  1. I am a Public Relations Major. I have to keep up with what is happening in this fuck shit world on a daily basis…and sometimes…I don’t want to.
  2. A lot of the times, it is trash. Dating scandals are trash. Hearing about a man putting his hands on his partner is trash. Death is trash. Blackmailing for 5 million dollars when the information is not juicy…is stupid and trash.
  3. Sources…I have to keep up with sources…I dislike doing that. It’s a lot of work I don’t like putting in the time for. Whenever a new story breaks out, I have to go search for it…sometimes it doesn’t appear on one of the sites I frequent for K pop news…so that means I have to go looking on my own. I hate doing research that isn’t needed.
  4. I don’t care. There it is.

Overall, doing random K pop news will happen on the occasion, just…don’t expect me to invest in trying when something new always pops up. Certain idols are joining Roommate Season 2…yay.

Social Justice Stuff

I am a big advocate for Social Awareness. Equality is something that I have to fight for myself, and the internet has become such a good plateform to speak about shit in a space that is a bit more comforting. However…I cannot sit here and go in every chance I get on someone for doing some fucked up shit. I literally sit and do that on my twitter, and tumblr, and honestly the negativity of some spaces is monotonous. It needs to be done, yes. Keep highlighting the shit that happens to people. Fight the damn fight. For every seven that say you a lie, and it’s just K pop, there is one that takes you seriously and listens. I do not ignore what happens in K Pop. I went on a rant about K. Will and his comments to Hyorin, and I make comments about the whole culture does not excuse fucked up shit. It doesn’t.

Howeverhere….I don’t want to say I am not going to talk about it…but…it’s not the primary focus. Seoulbeats and Omonatheydidn’t provide that if you want to delve into that more…so head over to them.

Me on every issue that happens in Korean Pop industry

Every once in a blue moon, maybe two, I will post something, and if comments (God helping they start to show up) want to go in that direction, I may/will participate (at the very least allow that space to be made), but ultimately I don’t want to have seven post in a row about sexism/colorism and say the same things over and over again (K Pop is lowkey*highkey* sexist, colorism is bad, this is racist, ignorance does not excuse anything, shaming, etc.). That doesn’t mean I don’t care. This particularly space will not focus heavily on that.

Now if something rubs me really raw, then I will talk about it (I’m at my limit so it may be soonish), and that may be more than one post. But just don’t look out too heavily for that mmkay?



Teaser/Spoiler post

It’s never an issue of getting them done…but getting them started

These are fun to do, but the space they take up is unGodly. Not only that, often times they update right at the time of the comeback. So basically I have a day to find all the pictures, make a folder for them (because I am anal about that), open photoshop (for the feature image), and then do all that work. It sounds easy, but once again…for a person like me…it is work.

I will however start doing them again. Because I do like doing them, and they get me views…

Idol Chat

My drafts are full of these. I will finish them and post them. That is all

I mean…what else can be said?

Hopefully this is everything. I will try to get on posting regularly with denser content. I also know that I can be wordy, so I will try to jazz the posts up (like I tried with this one).

If you have questions…please hit my messages up. Or comment…that is what it is there for.

Anyway thank you for your time if you read this. It’s going to be a process in making this happen, but it will. I promise!

NeNe and I thank you for your time!


Ailee is done clowning around and is set to return.

Ailee is proof that the Korean entertainment system is not 100% heartless. After her nude leak scandal (one of the few legit things to be called a scandal to be completely honest), there was fear that her career would take an inevitable hit. Instead the public, other celebrities, and the industry seemed to be on her side. Ailee was a victim and was treated as such.

Good for her.

After that, she won a few awards, released another single (The Singing Got Better…which was as basic as most of her music usually is), and has been lying low musically sans a few IS2 performances here and there.

Well Ailee is back. And she is coming…as a clown.


She is giving us…clown…

I like it. Ailee needs diversity. Giving her something other than glam singing diva (with boring songs) may get her a little more attention (not that she really needs it all things considering). It also will show her ability as a performer if she can handle other concepts/images well.

However there is only so much she can do when the music is terrible. Hopefully whatever she is given is good. She can have the voice of 150 angels, but if the song is trash, no matter what…the song is trash.

I’m actually excited for her on this. The image sold me because it is different, especially for someone whose selling point is her voice. I want theater and dynamic mess! I want it all. But we are probably going to get something standard and eh…

Ailee’s new ep Magazine will be released September 25 so be on the look out for that!

TaeTiSeo return with Holler

There was a teaser post in my drafts…that didn’t get posted…so here you go.

Anyway, TTS have returned with a new mini album, Holler. As part of the promotional effort, they have released a video for the title track…Holler.

Under the break for my thoughts!

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Teen Top returns with Missing.

Wow my title is trash…

Teen Top has returned from where they were (I don’t follow this group, so any of their stans are free to inform us on their past where abouts), with the simmering Missing.

I like it, but there are things that needed changing. First off the song music wise is oddly versatile. It’s that R&B that we don’t hear often in K Pop, but is still used regularly. When I first heard it, I was thinking they should have went with a flirtatious party song. It has that swagger that doesn’t come to hard, which allows it to be inviting, and easy to digest. It’s very easy. But as I continued listening, I began to get it. The beat also is moody, and when put together with the right vocals…you get Missing.

Once again, I like it.

I feel like the execution on Teen Top’s part is okay. The rapping felt right in place (I don’t know their skill level on that), the vocals are alright, and Taemin-lite does his job musically.

The video is alright. I think they should have just done a more simple set on the group scenes. K pop sets are way too gaudy, and overly animated (maybe to distract you from the trash song, I don’t know), and sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. I think this could have been done in a warehouse, or something. In an alley. Something a little more real…I don’t know. The story line was a little hard to follow. I think when you have videos, you need to make sure that everything makes sense. I feel like the girl cheated on her boyfriend, with the friend, and something happened. If I had the lyrics maybe that would make sense of everything.

Eh well…

Overall, this is a nice comeback for me. I don’t know if I will be completely in love, and watching their every move afterward, but I didn’t hate it. The song was nice, the video wasn’t hard to swallow. I don’t think Teen Top are going to be shooting up in popularity (partly because they have two God-tier idols fresh on their return), but this is a nice treat.

TaeTiSeo spoils us with Whisper

So SM decided to be nice and give TTS something to do. For those who don’t know, TTS is a sub unit of SNSD (SM’s flagship girlgroup) and it consist of Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun (TaeTiSeo=TTS)

TTS comes off as the grown side of SNSD. They drop the wholesome vibe and give you grown, more mature pop.

With their new pre-release we take it a step further with a viby pop track Whisper

Let me just get this one thing out of the way: I think the vocals are a little too loud. Like just slightly over the acceptable border if you get what I am saying. It’s nothing terrible and just ruins the track for me, but it was something I noticed. Maybe it’s just me…

Anyway time to praise the hell out of this song. I love it. I live for it. This is so vibey and sexy, and charming. You never really hear this from SNSD, Korean wise.

The song is not sexual, but it has this overtones. The way the girls sing this song, kind of sensual, a little viby, and some effort. By effort I mean they are not just going through the motions vocally, but putting it in. I am connecting with their lowkey horniness. I love the thirst.

And harmonies!!!!!!

Fill the song up. That is one of my things. If you can, you should. Sometimes in K Pop, they will do these basic ass harmonies, but the song will still feel empty. Here we have some nice harmonies from the ladies.

I love it. It’s one of my favorites of 2014. I can see, and probably will, be playing this all day. It’s just…up my alley musically.

SNSD-TaeTiSeo will be releasing another album on September 16, so be on the look out for that.

Spica comes back as a “sub-unit” with You Don’t Know Love

So…SPICA worked sooooo hard on that US debut…and decided to not stay away too long.

But here is the thing. Spica is doing a sub-unit.

With four members…of a five member group.

Nicole Beharie is confused as well



I am going to go against a grain and say that the song isn’t a problem…it’s them.

I think Brave Bros gave them a nice enough song. It’s standard as fuck (It’s essentially a smoother version of Hyorin’s One Way Love), but it’s nice. The issue is the group is just not on point this time.

To be honest, their best is Boa, and she is not a part of this project, which leaves a hole in the dynamics (Which isn’t saying much because the group is still with problems even with her there). The energy that she usually has, is not there, and we are left with these four. Bo Hyung who usually steps her game up, is just hm here. The other three…they sound nice.

Brave Brothers is not without problems (the same repetitive use of sounds, not just overall elements, but melodies and shit) , however sometimes a group just has to step up and work with what they got. Spica.S didn’t do that, at least in my opinion. They showed up and gave us something cute, on a cute song, but there was nothing there for me to care about musically.

The performance…it was okay. This only furthers proves that Spica needs work. They are not a dance group so anytime I see them with choreography, I just eh…The chorus is on point and that was when they were at their best overall musically, and there are nice moments. It’s just the total package is not at 100%.

The music video to You Don’t Know Love  comes out September 12 at noon (basically midnight for me).