Idol Chat: If Miss A had assigned positions

So I was actually thinking about this while listening to their last album, Hush (which despite some iffy things, I loved)…but what if Miss A was built like your standard K pop group. They don’t really have official positions outside of everyone is essentially the main dancer (Sans Suzy…no shade but girl). So took it upon myself to think of what they would be with the whole main vocal, leader, all that jazz.

  • Leader: This group seems self-efficient to not need someone to watch over them. But for the sake of name…Min comes off as the brightest one (in terms of personality) on tv. She would be the one to represent the group on tv (not in the same way as Suzy).
  • Lead Vocalist: I debated this. Even though they say there is no best singer in the group…there kind of is. It’s not Min however. She does have the second best stable vocals out of the group. Not glorious…but she isn’t the worst.
  • Lead Rapper: This position I don’t doubt.
  • Main Vocalist: She is pretty much the best in the group. JYPE isn’t the best at showing it, but shereally is.
  • Visual: She is really pretty. The prettiest in the group. I debated this going to Suzy for obvious reasons, but…I decided to throw Fei a bone.
  • Main Rapper: She already is this. Like…if she isn’t singing she is rapping.
  • Sub-Vocal/Vocal: She does sing.
  • Lead Vocalist: She does some bulk singing as well, and occasionally gets  grand moment.
  • Face: She definitely is this. Or at least should be. She can also be the visual…but…I wanted to give that to Fei.

Now I didn’t do dancer positions because…well you can argue that a lot. Min and Fei are in my opinion the best dancers of the group giving them Main dancer positions. Jia is a good dancer, but she doesn’t really stand up to Fei and Min like that, so she is just essentially the lead dancer. However you wouldn’t be able to tell with her essentially keeping up really well with them two. Suzy is not a good dancer. She is not terrible. But she is not up to the other three. Personally I don’t think she looks out of place with them, and does well enough. But…the gap is big so she doesn’t really get the dancer title.

The leader position can be argued between Fei and Min. Once again I think this is a very self-efficient group and a leader is not necessary (it rarely is in K Pop). But if you had to slap that title onto someone it would be Fei or Min. I just chose Min because she was doing a lot of grunt work to get the group going (not to say the others are lazy, but you have two non-native speaking members, whose Korean at the time may not have been the best, and Suzy essentially became her own brand). However Fei is the eldest, and comes off as a hardworker.

Once again this is all opinions, and you are welcome to disagree.


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