Exid returns with Up and Down.

The only thing I know about Exid is that three of the members bounced and became Bestie (with one new girl). So this is my first true encounter with them as a group. To be honest, I wanted to like the song so much…but the chorus…just bummed me out. Not terrible, but you hear the verses, and I was just partying, but then I hear the chorus, and I am like “uhm…I guess?”

The verses are strong, and their rappers were not terrible. The chorus was eh.

The music video was standard. A lot of phallic imagery (the title of the song is called Up and Down). There were some fun moments, and other moments where it was just eh.

I don’t hate it…but…eh. That’s a how I feel about the entire thing. The song isn’t bad, but what built me was lost in the part of the song I was going to remember. The video was okay and someone is going to like it, but I was over it as soon as it finished.


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