Idol Chat: Personal post type deal

Okay so either yesterday, or the day before I ended seeing some mess that I frankly did not want to.

I go on onehallyu, and that is where I get a majority of my idol related news. It’s quicker, less crap to run through to get to the information that I need. Also there are threads I frequent because I am trying to be social…and they have more insight on things on acts that I like.

So anyway, one of the threads I hop on (the Hyorin thread) had a couple of people mad about someone else. Ole boy finds out and now is talking shit on the other side.

Okay…now I have an issue in that I should have just shut this down from the start.

I am not the biggest fan of said person (for several reasons I am not going to go into because the five people that read this don’t care), but at the same time I don’t see him as a hater. From my view, he just stating facts. I do think he can come off a way, and he doesn’t have to repeat certain things over and over again, but at the end of the day…facts.

Now I should have said that. I didn’t. I tried to gloss it over and be nice about it. And I came off like I was being fake about it (at least in my mind).

The reason I did that was because I have had issues with different places (this thread included) where I come off as rude, and against the grain or some shit. I don’t think everything has to be okay, but a lot of these people do, so I just learned to shut my mouth (especially since I was close to cursing the fuck out of a few of them the last time).

But you know…finding God and all that.

So to express the views I chose not to: I personally don’t think said person is a hater. The issues they have with him are mine, but at the end of the day…this person doesn’t actively sit there and act biased against Hyorin.

Hyorin can’t go above a G5…she has never even hit a G5 before.  That clip they talk about is so strange because she just says high notes, and taking into account that the highest she had belted by that time of the eyar was an E5…she was more than likely just talking about those notes…or even hitting a C6. We will never know with how little the context there was.

There is a possibility that Uji has a better lower register than Hyorin. It was only one time of course, but a supported E3 trumps F#3 and the occasional F3. That’s okay. Hyorin in the long run is still a better vocalist. And even if she wasn’t, it doesn’t matter. There will always be sonmeone better. But it is not a race. No one wins a prize for being able to support down to an E3, or maintain volume/tone/etc down to a C#3. and frankly very few actually notice.

That thread is not there to kiss Hyorin’s ass, or anyone elses. It’s there to learn about vocal pedagogy, and critique the abilities of these singers.

Acknowledging Hyorin’s skillset and abilities, also means acknowledging the bad.

Hyorin’s throatiness seems to be fading away, but it may have had lasting effects on her voice, and show when she is tired. And sometimes she does slip up. It happens. s

If you gonna talk shit, talk shit to the people you got beef with. There it is.

Now that this is out there, I feel better. That little pit in my stomach has gone away.


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