Orange Caramel continue to prove they are 2014’s MVP

So while I was doing a lot of things not for this site, I caught wind of all the comebacks that were coming at us. One of them comes from the Sub Unit Orange Caramel. OC has always been strange, with this year attracting some more fans. With Catalina, they were lost mermaid/fish who got turned into sushi, and forced to eat a part of themselves…that got them some love.

Well most of the year has gone bye, with the ladies getting solo projects, and other group things to keep their names going (but not the After School brand), and now they are back…

With My Copy Cat.

I love it. The song is fun, catchy, and bright.

The video though…that sells it. If you are not aware…the video takes on the concept (and I will use this word proudly here) of I Spy/Where’s Waldo/Somethings missing. Essentially during the video, you hardly look at the ladies of Orange Caramel, instead searching for what is off or missing (sometimes both). When you do get to focus on the girls, you are basically searching for them within the crowd.

This is an ADD/ADHD kid’s worst nightmare.

I love it. It’s interactive, and forces the masses to pay attention to details. It is also a bit click bait quality due to you possibly missing things you want to go look for again.

In short, Orange Caramel (and Pledis of course) have done it again, and if they don’t win something for this video I will be mad.


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