Kara bops with Mamma Mia

I know of Kara, but I don’t know Kara. Like I know that they lost three members total, tried to evacuate one (BUT SHE STILL HERE. RESPECT!), that same member they tried to leave at the service station is the baddest chick in the game. Made some waves in Japan…they got some jams to their names…could not tell you one of them…but that’s okay.

Kara is a big name group who have had to deal with the standard issues (member loss, company/label trouble/whatever else K pop has to give) and still out here giving you the jams.

So essentially this is more or less my introduction to them musically.

And I love it. This straight from the 70’s with a cute twist disco ABBA bop. They came hard for me. I would love it if all their voices were not so indistinguishable like that…but…can’t be a beggar and a chooser can we?

Anyway the lyrics are kind of aggressive/assertive which makes me like it more. That whole treat me like a queen, do as the Romans do line had me. And they got Gyuri to sing cherish me over and over again, and that seems appropriate.

The music video is standard, but it works. There is emphasis on the choreo and how nice the ladies of the group looks, and that works. They could have put this in a more club oriented spot (since the lyrics allude to that), but this is not terrible. Sometimes simplicity like this works in the long run.

The song is good, the video is good. I don’t have much to say…

Wait…yes I do. Their new addition (whose name escapes me) fits rather well. It would have been a fucked situation to have her come in after having her on that damn reality show…and her musical debut would have been trash. That would have made quite a few fans go “WELL THIS ONE AIN’T WORTH IT, LOOK AT THE SONG, SHE DON’T FIT!”

Fans do that sometimes.

Anyway, she need to be wiping her brow that she got this one lucky. Plus she adds a little vocal flare to the group. From what I have heard, Kara wasn’t the vocal group.



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