Idol Chat: Faves Doing things Hyorin edition

So one glorious Saturday night, Hyorin participated in a concert with her label mates of Starship X (which is Starships more rap/R&B oriented sub label). Now these videos took well over a day to be released, however I am not mad about it…

Here is a longer version of Hyorin’s contributions to the show.

Cr: forever 효정

Under the read more is…more videos…but of the performances by themselves, plus…the Some encore…It is not in the correct order…so yeah…

Cr: Hwang GoonA forever 효정

Alright…first off I got to say this is the best Hyorin has ever been on stage. She was present (she didn’t seem distant), vibrant, her voice was in good enough shape, and she was working her Beyonce cosplay.

Beyone’s outfit from the 2007 tour from the Beyonce Experience

It is admittedly not one of my favorite outfits from Beyonce, but it does work for them…especially Hyorin. She was moving around swishing the soft yellow material (Beyonce’s was a more golden hue), around and thinking she is the shit.

What I love the most was how in it she was. Hyorin is pretty much my favorite K pop idol. Like I legit stan for this woman. She has even breached the top 10 of my all time favorites…and this girl is only been in the game for four years…and I have only known her for two of them. She is what I want in an idol. To actually enjoy the stage like that. Yes there are other factors to being an idol (and Hyorin does them well enough), but I have got to enjoy the musical aspect just as much as the personality and all that. That’s just me.

My main criticism for Hyorin has always been she is never consistent in how much she brings. She is at the very least a good 80-85%, at the very minimum…however I want to be in love when I watch her…and she doesn’t always do that. Here…she did. I was in love, stanning, getting my life…all of it. I think she did a damn good job all things considering.

Yes there was more to the show other than her…but frankly I am not really here for them like that…so…yeah.

Anyway, there is another show coming at the end of the month…this one will include K. Will and Hyorin’s group-mate Soyu (who has been doing better as an overall idol herself)


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