Taemin is a tease for his upcoming solo debut (pics, info, and thoughts)

So remember when I posted about Taemin and his solo…well after a long agonizing wait (for others I really don’t care), SM has blessed us with some teasers.

Alright time for a slide show, and some info.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Rest of the crap, and thoughts…under the break.

Now I really feel like I am going to have to continue to explain myself with my thoughts…

I can’t really hate on these pictures, but they give absolutely nothing. They are very simple, and very vague. Still he looks good in most of these pictures. Some of them are bad…like the whole turtle neck and blazer combo is terrible. The rifle guitar looks so random. And in some of the pictures, Taemin looks like he has no understanding of the concept of angles. However there are shining moments that make up for the others.

Taemin has a site up.

Now the little album info we got…

The project is called Ace (I don’t know if it is a full length album or ep). The music video teaser will be released August 12, 2014…aka in a few hours…so expect another post soonish. The album will be released August 18.

If this isn’t correct, tell me.

What do I think is coming? I think we are going to get a pop rock album. The single will of course be dance oriented, however the rest of the album will try and separate Taemin from SHINee.

Now as I will continue to say, I don’t particularly care one way or the other. I don’t like SHINee beyond the most basic level of I wouldn’t turn off their songs. I even have two of their albums. But they are not a fave, and Taemin hardly is on my radar.

Musically, this all depends on SM. I don’t think Taemin is the greatest singer, in that I don’t find him dynamic or interesting. However SM has made it clear they can take anything and make it into something if they choose. If SM gives him something interesting, and guides him right, then nothing should go wrong on that end. I do question the quality of the rest of the songs, because SM will either make an album that works together, or the single will say one thing, but the rest of the album just goes left…and be not up to par. There is no inbetween for them.

Will he do well? To be decided. I think he has a reliable enough fanbase to work on, plus he has some recognition from the public (at least I think he does…), so it’s not as if a complete no name is going out into the world. Once again, the single’s power is heavily dependent on who/what SM brings to the project.

So there it is…Taemin coming to potentially slay the scene/embarrass himself is going to be a thing, and don’t miss the thoughts I will have.


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