Because they need more promotion.

Spica was at KCon 2014, and they had a set. In that, they performed…

You Don’t Love Me

Small Medley

I Did It



I loved it. The energy was there (which can be missing from this group). I wish they had deviated a little from their choreography to perform to all sides of the audience. Half of the performance had their backs turned to the audience on one side, and the other half was the same. But this is K pop, and you will rarely see someone deviate like that, plus the stage was in the center so it was bound to happen.

Still this was a good performance. This was a good set. If they are really serious with this US venture, then they should just go (of course with proper planning and arrangements being made), because I think this is a solid representation of the group musically. I really feel like they could build with this if they wanted to. It’s going to take more than sticking in LA for a US thing…they are going to have to travel and promote. And most US artist tour..,even the lower level ones. Even if it is on the County Fair trail. Or house of blues. Or some random club….take every opportunity.

I honestly did not really believe in them, but after watching this, I am getting my hopes up for them.


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