Zico and slurs (ft Janet Damita Jo Jackson)

I was either gonna post this post, or the one about K. Will vs Hyorin.

Either way we would have to have a soapbox moment.

Like a lil over a week ago, Zico was performing somwhere, doing his cover of Aubrey Graham’s (y’all know him as Drake) I’m Still Fly. In the cover the word N*Word is used (in the chorus).

Now I don’t think he ever uttered the word, which is why I can’t find a time stamp for you. Just know it’s the chorus.

Anyway, he in the wrong…and I will tell you why.

FIrst off this isn’t the first time he has done this. I don’t know when, nor care to really look, but in the very same song awhile back he said it.

Got called out for it.

Apology happened (which apparently wasn’t for his use of the n*word but for him talking negro…we gonna have to make a post about that as well)

Then…a few months prior to this, he released a version where the N*Word was replaced with Baby. For the Sewol Tragedy.

Now all this looked like he learned his lesson.

Now to play the devil’s advocate…

He never uttered the word, it was just in the chorus.

Maybe he really did learn his lesson

Insert oppa didn’t mean it quote.

If he had learned, he should have just taken it out of the chorus period. This looks messy on his part because he/his company apologized for this. Y’all acknowledged this…and then there was a correction.


How does this just happen again?

I mean this won’t be an issue for anyone other than the international community, and only a small portion will actually take offense… per usual.

Anyway…Zico has flubbed again, and hopefully fans will just let him take this L. I mean it doesn’t look good on his part because he did apologize…or if he didn’t…his company acknowledged it. That means they are aware…and it happened again. I know I am repeating myself, but how can I not…like 2+2=4 and he is coming up with 24 or something. I don’t know.

So yeah…the L…take Zico like you should have when you wanted to go No homo.



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