Ladies Code return with Pretty Pretty pt 3

AKA Kiss Kiss.

Ladies Code is a fun group, a good group. But they continue to make the same song over and over again.

1. Pretty Pretty

2. So Wonderful (lacks the bright sound, but has the overall same structure)

3. Kiss Kiss (same sound, except uses more of a strumming guitar and less horns, and lacks the same breakdown that the other two songs have. However this song has a very similar melody to Pretty Pretty, and some parts really just scream Pretty Pretty all over again. Like you could slip into that song in some parts)

Also this song isn’t as exciting as their last two clones.

The video itself is cute. But it is Pretty Pretty with a plot.

Overall…eh. It’s not terrible, but it’s been done by them…over and over again. Hopefully they are just using this as a reminder that they exist, and will come back early next year with a full ep/album. I really like Ladies Code, and I love the late70’s disco sound they have, but if they cannot expand on that sound further than what they have done, then it is time to look into something else.


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