Spica aim for the US with their latest single I Did It

Another one will attempt the “impossibe” with a US debut, this time being the two year old girl group Spica.

Their new song is titled I Did It, and it is completely in English.

It’s cute (this is a link to the song)

The beat is nice, and they sound great, but it feels very…limited. Like I feel like they could have come way harder, but didn’t. It feels more like an attempt, and not the end result.

This is a very dime a dozen song, that would have probably gotten them some notoriety in K pop, but in the states…eh. I will say that this is so far one of the more US K Pop Us ventured tracks. However, it has that feel to it. K pop is very animated soundwise, so much to the point where some songs sound cartoony. I Did It still has that overly animated feel. There are some very bright sounding songs in the States, but…not to the point of K Pop.

What I am trying to say is that the sound is different between the two genres, and while I Did It is more US, less K pop, it still isn’t 100% there.

Also nothing really pops for me. It would sound cute on an album. But eh…

This is not to say they won’t succeed. Because that is never something we can predict 100%.

Whoever made their song was trying to hard in my opinion.


But they chose I Did It…and yeah. Good luck.

I like Spica, and I think they can find a place in the US (due to it being a lot more diverse in terms of mainstream appeal) than K Pop. However it is going to be a lot of work to get there. Their song doesn’t have that effortless catchiness some songs have, so they lost the opportunity to really fuck with the internet and get them on their side.

Also I don’t really see them making it in K Pop beyond maybe like C-Rank. Them going for the US wouldn’t really hurt them considering they don’t have that big of a fanbase anyway.

Hopefully Tonight will be a part of their performance setlist because I honestly think that song is their ticket.


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