San E does a 180 with Bumkey in Body Language

San E. has to be one of the more diverse rappers to be on the field of adjacent K pop idols. He has given you hardcore, heartbroken, cute, and now he is giving you sexy.

I like the song. I mean there is nothing about it I would not like. I am not overly familiar with Bumkey, but he seems to be a new wave R&B deity. Song is very overtly sexual. Like I mean…the only way they could have been anymore obvious is if iether had said: penis in your vagina.

The video is okay. San E gets a sex game (which actually exist) and the goal is to get the girl. If you fuck up, you end up in a situation with a dude…



To be honest I have a different reason for writing this post…


I have a friend who is trying to create an independent publishing company. Big Moon Press. They have been trying to get money collected for awhile, and have seen some donations. Right now they are getting closer than ever to their goal. So why not help out fulfill this.

This is not only helping out these two lovely ladies. It is giving a possible option to others who cannot afford to go to bigger publishing companies. Like help them out.

A five dollar donation is more than enough.



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