Park Bom gets ethered by a no name.

So this chick named Kemy posted a rap called Do The Right Thing (basically a Park Bom diss). And yeah.

There are lyrics to this, but I don’t want to look for them, and frankly I don’t care to look for them.

Maybe it’s me, and having grown up in the states where this shit is mad common. But diss tracks are really nothing. They may be something in K Pop, especially since she went for someone who is leagues above her in everything relevant.

Black Twitter would have a field day with this. Like this was good, and honestly…she killed it. But for the sake of feelings, we just gonna say she shouldn’t have done it.

Anyway, girl got ethered. I know the K pop fans (specifically Blackjacks) are mad, but oh well. This will die down soon. I honestly don’t think Bom cares. Nor should she. This random ass nobody swerved out of her lane. She hasn’t even debuted. Like why would/should Bom care?

You talking about all this mess, but you would kiss her ass if you met her? Like okay.

Ultimately this is just me saying: Bom is above this. Bom shouldn’t even care. Why bother?


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