Red Velvet debuts with Happiness

After five years, SM has finally debuted another girl group. Their name? Red Velvet. Their thing? I don’t know. Has drama erupted because of their existence? Yes.

But that did not stop SM from putting together their debut full of teasers, one video clip, and SMRookies. So on the day of August 1, 2014 (it’s still July 31 in other parts of the world), SM made it known that the future is here.

I love it. IDC IDC IDC (if any of you think this is a 2ne1 reference I will fight you)

Like I can’t even be mad at it. I don’ know how. If I read the lyrics it won’t make sense probably. But I love it. It warmed my heart.

The video makes absolutely no sense. Like why are you in a room? In a forest? In the jungle? In a computer animated city? Why is Wendy the only one enjoying that cute utfit in a dark room with two or three spotlights? Who/Why the bear? Why?

It don’t make sense…but I still love it. I don’t  know/understand why. I just do.

Maybe because it doesn’t feel pretentious, and despite being overdone, it feels like one of those let’s just do it because. Like nothing about this feels as overly done as the usual SM video. It just happened, and while a bit of a mess, it’s a fun mess. It lives in its truth of mess, and I am okay with that.

The group itself. I like them. I like what they are serving, and they still have this slightly mature energy underlying them. Which means their next comeback is going to take a step in a darker feel most likely. The talent is nice. The visuals are not bad. I can’t wait for when they get rid of this dip dye on brown hair look. I can tell them a part, but honestly the whole matching hair thing is tired.

Anyway, I can see this debut going really badly, and SM scrambling to make them happen. However their names are going to be out there, and I can see a November comeback in their future (just in time for them to be apart of the year end crap).

I worry about this group for several reasons, but I don’t want to make this post too long.

Anyway, congrats on the debut, and since you are the only group from SM I am willing to support on that level…hope y’all make it.


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