Wonder Girl’s Yeeun (HA:TFELT) has made her debut with Ain’t Nobody

First off get into the image of the video before you even press play. Like…yes.

Anyway musically¬†I like it, wanting to love it. I think the biggest issue is that there is no bridge between the verses and the chorus. I get that it is a sudden burst of energy and sound. It’s supposed contrast. However I really do think maybe a prechorus could have been invested in, just to make it a little more fluid. Other than that…I have nothing. I do love the breakdown they do between the chorus and verse. I don’t do dubstep/trap/whatever is happening, but this is nice.

I love the lyrics, I love the energy in HA:TFELT’s performance. I love her.

I’m just gonna praise this. So let’s move on.

The video. Also love. Shout out to Yubin cameo. Shout out to the shots Yeeun more than likely got to walk them streets of New York barefoot and crawling around. I love that she desperate and crawling around in her drawls for a man. Like girl…yes. The story makes sense, and it looks good.

That’s all that matters in the long run.

Ain’t Nobody is everything I would expect from Yeeun, yet at the same time not. I honestly thought she was going to give us acoustic ballad, but when I heard the preview to the album, I was all kinds of shocked. She is going for something different, and this exemplifies that.

I don’t know how well this will be received, I am just grateful she made it to be honest.

HA:TFELT’s new ep Me? is out today.


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