So SM is really through with this (New GG update)


So the group name is Red Velvet, and their debut single is called Happiness (?). The last member’s name is Joy.

That is all the information left…teaser pics below, as well as my opinions and thoughts.

Well…I really like the name of the group. I love Red Velvet cake. I’m pretty sure this is the biggest reason I like this group already.

The song sounded nice, and the editing in the video was cute…but watch that doesn’t make the video.

I’m excited, but I already see a lot of mess.

First off there is going to be some hurt feelings from f(x) fans. I have already seen it. It is understandable that they are mad, but to take out on these girls as if they plotted against f(x), or even had a choice in their debut, is just unacceptable.

Thankfully I have seen fans who are more worried for the group, and accepting of them.

Also August isn’t shaping up to be a great debut month. Too many higher known K Pop acts coming back, on top of a solo debut from their company mate, Taemin. It feels like they are going to get overshadowed.

I want them to succeed though…just because their name is Red Velvet. Like can you imagine their fandom name and color? Like this is an opportunity SM should not fuck up. I mean you basically debuted them in the worst possible time, you might as well make sure these girls make it.



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