SM is really doing the most part 3: Taemin is getting a solo!

I don’t know if I even hit this as a topic, but yeah…Taemin is in the midst of getting ready to debut as a soloist.

His time in LA, over his birthday was spent learning choreography from Ian Eastwood, which basically confirmed it in the first place.

He will be SM’s second to have a legit solo debut (OST do not count), after Henry, who is in the middle of promoting Fantastic.

Now…let’s hit the opinions.

I just want to throw out there that I don’t care. I don’t have much of an opinion on SHINee other than they do their jobs well, and some of their music is nice. I don’t care about Taemin. I don’t care about this project. Ladies Code, Yeeun, and Bestie are coming back…do I give a fuck about anything else?

The answer is NOPE.

But for the sake of this post, we are going to play pretend.

Taemin getting a solo is not a surprised. He is kind of popular, he is talented enough (the bare minimum of being able to carry a tune and be able to keep up with whatever choreo he gets…he obviously passed that)…there isn’t a real reason to not allow this.

Other SHINee members not doing a solo act work is not an excuse.

Personally, I don’t particularly care for him as a singer, and barely a performer. Honestly I don’t care much about SHINee outside of a group setting except for Minho and Key…but that’s because they are tall(er), and I think one is gay.

Still I think he will have his fans to support him, and won’t flop sales wise. The single really depends on SM. I don’t see them trying to distinguish him from the pack and giving him some music that really pops. I don’t know…

Regardless all of this is happening, and there is nothing to do but accept it. I mean a lot of y’all gonna pirate it off the internet anyway…so…




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