SM is going to take another stab at this girlgroup thing.

It has been reported that SM will be debuting their first girlgroup in over five years. This debut will take place in August.

It is rumored to be a four member girlgroup, with three of them having been released.

Under the read more for all these on this post

First things first…the ladies.



*No video of her singing*






The fourth member is the only mystery

 Two of the members (Irene and Seulgi recently did a dance cover) to S.E.S.’s Be Natural (already posted).

Wendy has also snagged a OTS

Alright…well I don’t have much to say. We don’t have an idea of what their image is going to be. I bet they will push for a more mature image. Like conveniently pick up where CSJH The Grace left off (one of the members is getting married so congrats to her!), however make sure they work in today’s musical setting…aka better music.

If they do go down that road, that will force them to take a more simplistic route compared to most of what SM pushes out. But how long will that last?

All questions we will find out in do time.

Out of the two that have sung…they are nice. But they are SM…and they all tend to sing alike…so…yeah.

First things first is getting this group out there. But with August shaping up to be a busy month for SM…eh…they may get lost in the crowd.

Still we need to wait to see what happens. They may fall to the wayside and SM will do what they usually do and pretend they didn’t happen. Or they may become the next big thing and revolutionize the Korean Music Industry. All that is something we can’t really determine. Here’s to a hopefully good debut for these ladies.


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