KuzzReviews: Sistar delivery a breeze with Touch N Move

July 21st saw the return of one of K pop big girl groups, Sistar. When I first heard their title track I was a bit eh about it. In previous post, I expressed my overall fear that Sistar would release something completely them. And they did…

With the release of their title track, I was not exactly the happiest with it. It was not bad, but I believe they could have done better. Their latest mini album would have to convince me that this was not a wasted effort.

It did…



Sistar has a thing with making some really nice ass intro tracks that could translate to a good full length song. Wow definitely fits that mold. Hyorin takes the lead on this as a solo, and it sounds great. If/When she gets another solo record, I hope this is put on it. Her last album was ballad heavy, and while I loved her album, she could have had a few more mature tracks like Massage to work. Anyway…this is about Sistar so moving on.

Touch My Body

Initially, this song did nothing for me. I really liked the beat. That was the most captivating thing about the song to me. However now, after a few listens, I enjoy it. I still believe it is not their best promo track, but it is far from their worst. A very breezy, fun track, that feels kind of mature in a sense. This is also one of the few songs where Bora was a highlight for me. Her rap was cute.

Naughty Hands (ft Verbal Jint)

It sounds like the song The Way You Make Me Melt of their last album. Not in sound, but feel. I appreciate this song. It maintains that overall smooth feel. Nothing about the song feels hype, but still maintains this nice energy. One thing I was a little meh about is that just like TWYMMM, Bora was essentially missing. It seems that everytime this group works with another rapper, Bora is shafted. Sad because this song could have done some cute rapper interaction. Bora saying you think you slick, but you ain’t, and Verbal Jint doing the verse he was already doing. Could you see that happening?

But I Love You

This song brings a little drama. But I Love You is a dance torch ballad. The lyrics are sad and lovely. The group did really well. Bora gave a more convincing performance in her rap. I love this song. I could imagine a boygroup doing this and getting great choreo. If that could be applied to Sistar, I would support it 100%. This song acts as the turning point. The album loses that carefree feel in the first three songs, and we get a more dynamic, energetic vibe for the last three.

OK Go!

A sounds like summer kind of song. It’s about partying. The song has a little more oomph to it. They are rapping (sans Soyu) though a portion of it. It’s very them musically. Hyorin shines on the high notes, and the group as a whole doesn’t lose energy.


This is just a sweet energetic pop song. I don’t have anything bad to say. If there is something to say…I wish the chorus was extended at the end. They could have done a Love On Top, and just went there with it. This being the end of the album, it didn’t come hard enough for me. I love Sunshine as the finishing song, but if you are going to end an album, end it. Make me feel without a shadow of a doubt, that nothing could come after this. Sunshine just ended…right when it felt like it was about to go somewhere. But that is just me. Ultimately this is a good song, and it works on the album.


Overall, Touch N Move is a nice, and very breezy album. The ladies of Sistar sound great, and the music is summertime ready. Bora’s rapping while not on any outstanding level, does work in the lane it was given, and she even comes with some more diverse deliveries. Dasom is being pushed more, if only slightly. Hyorin and Soyu don’t really see that much of a change in my opinion. I do think that in order to grow, they may need to explore a bit more.

Soundwise this is nothing new to them. The ep is very predictable for the group. That is not a bad thing in the grand scheme of things, however it does make me want more. Sistar is a bright pop group. Their sound ranges from bight and fun, to flighty and slightly mellow. It is rare for them to deviate from that as a group (Alone and Give It To Me), let alone create an entire project that does not give off the fun and flirty vibe they maintain.

Once again this is not bad, especially in K pop. However for me it is something that I hope will be played with.

Right now, I will enjoy another reliable album from one of my favorite girlgroups.


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