Idol Chat: Sulli’s leave of absence.

Despite just coming out, Sulli taking a leave of absence (that is what I am calling it) is kind of a big story for several reasons.

Sulli has been under fire a lot since last year.

Cao Ni Ma. Choiza. RPPP.

She cursed on tv. She got involved in a “dating” scandal with the much older Choiza. She had been deemed lazy after RPPP.

Now let’s break this down. Sulli said a curse wourld in Chinese, while she did not know the camera was on her. The people who filmed this thought to not edit this out. She takes a lot of heat. Now…here is the thing. She got in trouble for cursing. Like…not saying something racist/sexist/homophobic/xenophobic/whatever problematic thing that always pops up in Korean Entertainment…no she said motherfucker…in Chinese. I don’t know what it was like for Sulli prior to this moment. I know that she is the visual and one of the more popular members…but after this particular incident…it was pretty much downhill for her. All because someone didn’t bleep out something she said.

Than came RPPP. Rum Pum Pum Pum was the single that the group f(x) *which Sulli is a part of*. During all of their promotion, Sulli seemed out of it. She looked thinner, drained, and just…ready to go. I admit I was a little miffed at first, but I personally didn’t care. I wasn’t studying her ass in the first place. However a lot of people did. And once again…it affected the views of people. I personally think that something was wrong with Sulli and she could not keep up, or fake it.

Choiza is a special problem. Choiza is an older rapper who Sulli got into a dating scandal with. In the real world, a dating scandal is incredibly stupid unless it involves nudes, a sextape, a very large scale of rampant infidelity (Tiger Woods), or some sort of violence/drugs/etc. You simply dating some dude…is not a scandal. But in K Pop it is. While it was never outright confirmed that Sulli was dating Choiza, people assumed…and then made gross ass jokes about her and him together…and yeah…no thank you.

A cute…but unfortunate couple

Ultimately 2013 was a lot of bad press for Sulli, in a relatively small time frame. But it was enough to really stick and follow her.

2014 happened…and it seems okay.

And then it’s not. The whole wallet issue happened, and it just fueled the rumors that Sulli and Choiza are dating, or had dated. Cue gross comments. And then Sulli just looked ready to go with each and every performance of Red Light (Which says a lot because she seemed perkier in the preview Behind the Scenes on Jessica & Krystal show).

Now we have Sulli on leave, and f(x) on an unfortunate hiatus. SM has never once allowed a cease in promotions because of one member. In the very same group, Amber hd been absent for awhile, only to comeback nine months later (she had a broken ankle)…f(x) went on without her for awhile. SHINee were promoting without their main vocalist Jonghyun last year, and this year still did their tour dates and other shows without their leader and lead vocalist Onew. Super Junior is on rotation, SNSD has experienced this as well….most of SM’s groups have gone through a missing member, and SM has not stopped them. So for f(x) to basically stop when they were on a winning streak, means that something is up and it is fucking with the entirety of the group.

Like I said in another post, I think Sulli is basically done with being an idol. She got caught up in this, and it may have been fun, and a way to push into other dreams and opportunities, but you can only take so much of the idol bullshit before breaking. That seems to be what is an issue here, as Sulli is taking leave because she is tired of the rude comments and rumors.

The entire group not performing is strange, and I think there is something else to his, but I don’t have anything, so I am not going to assume, or wait around for anything.

The best we can do is SM figures something out for the remaining members. An entire months worth of schedule is thrown out, and now fans mad and asking questions.

I am refraining from speculating, because people like to take shit and run with it, but I do think f(x) is privy to information that SM doesn’t want out, so they just decided to chill.

Ultimately this is about Sulli, and the fact that these hoes on the internet (and possibly in her day to day life) won’t let her live. A person can only take so much before they break, and K Pop is not designed for breaks like that. Her taking an extended leave sounds like a great thing, and no matter what the motive, is a nice thing for SM to do. Hopefully this will all end well for everyone involved (hell even SM).

So basically: Sulli has been dealing with a lot of shit that may have gotten to her, and hurt her in the long run, as well as the possibly that things that we are not aware of may have a play in this. Her taking a break is a good thing, but SM putting f(x) on hiatus as well is kind of messy, considering they have never done this for any of their groups before, including the group in question. If there is more to it, it’s none of *our* business, but SM needs to deal with the f(x) thing better as it leaves room for a lot of suspicion. Hopefully Sulli will find peace of mind, and get better. If she leaves K pop, I would not be surprised. 


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