Idol Chat: SM and YG acts still going through it.

So yeah…bad year for SM and YG in some ways. SM has had a few dating scandals (aka non issues being made bigger than they should be), and while YG has only been hit once…it’s a big enough one to cause some damage.

So this is me just talking about two recent things that have happened for these companies. One is a more recent development…the other something that was dealt with four years ago and brought up again.

SM’s latest issue (that isn’t a full on issue yet), is f(x). For the last week, Visual Sulli has been missing from promo run. *Insert comment about her being a non-factor performance wise*. The reason has been that she has been sick and cannot perform. In some ways this is supported with Krystal looking more half-dead than usual on stage (this time it took over her body). This week however, f(x)’s schedule has been cleared. However only on their Korean site. Their English site still has their schedule full. Once again, it has not become a full blown issue for the very reason that they still have a schedule somewhere.

Today they did miss Music Countdown…and if this runs through the weekend, then some worry can arise.

*It has been reported that Sulli is taking a leave of absence from the idol life.

Personal opinion time

I have always had issues with f(x) as a group. I like them (one of my favorite groups), and I have a great appreciation for their music…but at the end of the day…something about the group does not work. They feel half-baked compared to other SM acts. A large part of that has to do with some of the members obviously not meant to be in the music side of k pop. There is a lot of people like that, but some express it a little more than others. Especially since f(x) has been pushed into doing more solo activities to compensate for their lack of relative popularity as a group. By that I mean f(x) does not stand to the SM standard, but they are still doing good enough to not slowly fade them out like the rest of the forgotten children.

What I am trying to say is that f(x) does not feel/look/seem sustainable in the long run. One of the ones I could see walking out, may actually walk out of the group, and honestly I don’t blame them. Three of the members individual careers are have kind of taken off. Krystal is getting past the dislike for her. SM seems smart in trying to make Victoria happen in China (whether she will become some icon over there is yet to be determined). Lastly despite Sulli’s negative reception as of late, she is still incredibly popular enough to get work. The irony in all this is that the two I do think want to work in music are the least popular right now.

Overall I don’t want to speculate any further about this. Shit maybe different from what we see. I just think f(x) is a group with an obvious expiration date, and it might be coming to an end for them.

Alright…next issue.

Bom is leaving Roommate, or has left Roommate, and SBS did not know how to say it at the time. The difference between what has happened at YG and SM, is that while SM’s are really non issues that ultimately affect a minority group (the fans), YG’s pretty much is a serious deal. Despite Bom being cleared, the possibility of residual negativity is still very likely. We do not know what is going on in the minds of the general public, and netizens are not really the best indicator for anything.

Personal opinion time…

However, if SBS really thought that Bom’s presence on the show was going to be a problem…than honestly…they did the right thing. I mean from what I have heard the show started off on life support, and Bom was a reason for people to watch…but if the actual viewers were against her, and this brought negative press (and a decline in viewership)…then yeah…they did what they had to do.

I feel bad for Bom, because this can really fuck up her career, and information about your personal life was put on blast to try and alleviate the problem, all for some shit from four years ago. However, SBS does not owe Bom anything, and if she is bringing any negative responses to their already Walking Dead status show…

I mean…bad press does not always equal good press if you can’t spin it…

Shit that barely works, the most you can do is make sure is try to calm down the rage. Something like Bom’s case would take some time to cool over, and then for her to rebuild… there needs to be  some active participation on her end. Right now I think laying low is the best, and SBS (and Bom/YG) made the right decision.

Still Bom was the reason that show was worth it. She was a highlight, and for her to be gone…well…

Unless something changes, Roommate is probably going to fall anyway. I don’t think Bom was saving that living on a prayer show.

This has been a messy as fuck year. Man….SNSD dating, Sunye deciding to take a long hiatus from K pop, Kris, Baekyeon, Bom…

It’s a mess.




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