Hyuna is on her way with another solo comeback

4Minute resident rapper/dancer is coming back with yet another solo.

That’s right Hyuna will be delivering a brand new project called A Talk.

For all teaser and opinion needs…please continue under the read more.

Teaser images!

First off. She looks great. Second…that whole powder white face thing really is terrible.

Lastly whomever did her hair…needs an award. Hyuna’s hair is not that long…but the pieces…like…Bless you. This is how you fuck with extensions. K Pop extensions are usually terrible and poorly blended. Hyuna’s look damn good.

Anyway, these came out over the span of two or three days, and after that we were given a tracklist to A Talk.

  1. A Talk
  2. French Kiss
  3. Red*
  4. From When Until When (ft Yoseob)
  5. Blacklist (ft LE)

Three of the tracks have Hyuna listed for lyrics (A Talk, From When Until When, and Blacklist).

The first single is titled Red…and we got two different mv teasers.

Well…it does look interesting. A lot of focus on the color red, and her lips. Also the Korean title for the title track is apparently means something like blow…or to suck. That explains the focus on her lips…in red.

The monkey makes no sense as of now, but eh.

Anyway, Hyuna’s idol aesthetic is sexy. It works for her. It’s no longer just some concept that she can switch out, but instead what defines her musical career, so I don’t see it going anywhere. And I honestly am okay with that.

Hyuna’s Red will be released on July 25, 2014 (thank you Music shows).

A Talk will be released July 28, 2014.



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