JYJ will have a Chris Brown record on their new album

First off I need to make a comeback post for JYJ…that will be up later today.


It has been reported that one of the songs on JYJ’s upcoming album Just Us, was “produced” by Chris Brown…

So many thoughts on this. However I do not want to write a long ass post so…let’s do this in bullet points.

  • Trying to use Chris Brown’s name for hype
  • Chris Brown is not in the good graces of the US, so his relevancy is a bit skewed.
  • Woman beating jokes are trash
  • Ultimately I am just going to wait on the song.

I could flesh this out, but there isn’t a real reason for me to do that. Chris’ name is being used, when more than likely he has very little to do with this track outside of maybe the demo’s blueprint. Still I don’t know why they would think to advertise Chris’ name as if he was at the level he was in 2008. Chris has fallen, and the only reason he is still going is because BET, decent music (to translate to other charts), and his fans.

As for the song…since Chris isn’t singing on it (as it seems), I will give it a chance.


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