Sistar has come back and yeah…

Well after a year apart, Sistar has come back with Touch My Body.

I’ll be honest and say that this song was not even it for me. I really did not see it for this song two hours ago. It just…it is initially weaker than some of their last efforts, especially after Give It To Me.

I think my biggest problem was the overall delivery they gave. Too breezy…especially after reading the lyrics.  They as a group don’t seem to go anywhere, on a nice but rather repetitive beat.

Bora is the highlight for me…that says a lot. Hyorin’s high note was nice.

I try not to determine the value of something in comparison to something else. That can fuck up a lot of things in my opinion. Especially in music. However in terms of quality and impact Give It To Me> Touch My Body.

I will say the lyrical content made the song better. A song about sex is always nice in my opinion (At least that is what I am taking it to be).

The video is also a step down.

I feel like this comeback is not to be taken seriously like that, and I after listening to the mini I am not, however…eh…they have done better.


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