SM really wants me to actually care about these “Rookies” (Seulgi and Irene video)

I like it. IDC IDC IDC

They are cute, but they are just like the usual line of SM acts. For me at least.

I am not an SM stan, although I do appreciate them. I was one of the non-Sones that really was into Mr. Mr. and IGAB. Once again: IDC IDC IDC

However whenever I look at an SM act, I get the same feel over and over again. They are kind of interchangeable. SM really has a mold and all their acts can fit into it.  Of course for people who support these acts, and watch their careers, will know the difference. But for me, nope. I remember when Sunny mentioned that Hot Summer was originally going to be an SNSD song, but was given to f(x). I could not even argue it. The music SM gives could be given to any of their groups and the differences would be small. Last year I will say SHINee stood out musically, but I still think they Super Junior or even Exo could handle some of their songs.

I think now there is definitely a difference. 2014 has shown to be different for them musically, with Super Junior M and TVXQ having somewhat similar sounds in their title tracks, but that is it.

Once again, this is just me, and I don’t listen to them on the regular to actually care to notice the difference.

But anyway…Seulgi and Irene are cute but have nothing that makes them stand out completely; I say completely because while I don’t think they are Kim Junsu or Bada levels of anything, they have a little flare. But that flare may just be SM’s direction, and not really them, which is just how SM likes to play it most of the time (the acts that really just stand out to me are few, or have left). They are more than likely going to be in a group…which means SM is gonna make money.

Until then, we are just gonna have to wait and watch them dance on chairs, and sing SES songs.


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