More cmeback round up news (Sistar edition)

Because one of my favorite groups period decided they want to do a comeback soon (as in July 21).

Sistar has kind of become a favorite for me. I got into her in *late 2012* after watching a vocal range video about her (I love those things), and then moved on to watching regular performances. Then I got into her group (And found out she was in one of the gifs I regularly use on tumblr…the body roll one)…and now we are here.

Anyway, under the break for comeback teasers.

Teaser pics are cute, nothing dynamic. After Give It To Me, which had drama, maturity, and some cute props, this is really a step down.It’s simple, nice, and ultimately gets the job done. But it does not have that extra thing.

Next we have the comeback trailer. At first I just thought this was their way of saying they were back. Not necessarily the trailer for the music video. Instead something to peak the fans, and overall masses interest. My small issue with this is the fact that Hyorin stuck out. The other ladies are giving you 50’s housewife aesthetic, and Hyorin just looks like a housewife. She doesn’t look bad persay, but she from the wrong decade lookwise. But other than that, this did the job for me. I am excited.

Now…we have a video teaser.

I’m not going to sit here and over think it. I will save that for the album and video. I did mention in another post though, that I am hoping for an improvement in quality musically. Their music is fine…cute even. But Give It To Me, proved they could do a more focused mature sound (Even if it was a bit over dramatic). However they are going for a more upbeat song, which may mean we get more *for lack of a better term*, of their standard sound. They are a top group now, they need to be stepping it up like the rest of the top girl groups.

Anyway, this is just one big post to say that S.I.S.T.A.R. are back, and I am excited.


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