Somebody in Korean Entertainment may do something racist.


*Gets soapbox*

Blackface is not okay.

*Prepares to give you a speech, but decides against it*

Jun Hyun Moo made the declaration that if his show gets 3% ratings increase , he would essentially do blackface. Wait, he said he would dress up like co-star Sam.

Now look…once again…black face is not okay. I do not understand why this continues to need to be said. I was on the boat that said they may not know or understand the extent as to why…and I am still sort of on that boat.

However because I think that (at times), does not mean I am justifying their actions. I cannot judge every case on the same basis. That does not mean every case of racism is an unique incident. Most often they fall under certain categories. With Kai, him uttering the the N*Word (with a strong ER) was more than likely due to ignorance. Yes he had a basic understanding that it was bad (judging from how he used it), but he probably couldn’t tell you the history of it, or the true extent of the power of the word. Still very problematic because he was using it in a negative way.

Blackface…no.  You are making fun of black people. The Korean Entertainment industry has done this multiple times, and everytime it was as a joke. They are deliberately making fun of black people. So…yeah…there is intent in that.

Ultimately this is a very troubling situation. The Korean entertainment industry is mad messy. I mean no entertainment industry on this planet is clean (the US still has a lot of issues its damn self), but I am just astounded by it. Maybe it is because I did not expect it…I don’t know.

I hope that 3% ratings increase does not happen.





One thought on “Somebody in Korean Entertainment may do something racist.

  1. BeeBGee July 17, 2014 / 7:10 am

    My problem with the “they don’t know” apologists is that
    a) ignorance is in no way an excuse
    b) it’s just so damn patronizing towards Koreans

    Anyways thanks for pointing out the intent in his plans to do blackface! I wonder how Sam actually feels about this mess.

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