Dynamic Duo and DJ Premier serve a great AEAO

2014 started out slow, only to pick up with controversy. Now it seems everything is in order and we are getting a lot of good music. Contirbuting to this good music pattern is Dynamic Duo and DJ Premier

More after the break

When that beat dropped…shiiiiiii. Man I ain’t never rocked hard to a song in my life when it came to Korean music. That beat alone slaughters everything. It is made for men who have been in the game for a good minute.

This is such a grown ass person beat. Like I can’t even not.

Dynamic Duo of course came with it. I am not all that familiar with them, but from what I have heard, I have little complaints.

The lyrical content is very introspective, which is a thing. It doesn’t get preachy, instead reflects on them, and not on society. They could have easily made this a party song, and still had a fucking class act song on their hands, but they gave you something that gave them depth, and they still did it. So…can’t be mad at that.

They have the energy, along with, what I assume are good lyrics, on top of a good beat.

This don’t bop, it knocks.

The video is plain, but still good. I was not really focused on the video, when the song is this good.


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