Girl’s Day switches it up (slightly) with Darling

After the wintery sensual comeback with Something, Girl’s Day are back with a much more upbeat alternative in Darling.

More after the break

Love it.

The summer has been really good musically, and this only adds to the collection. The song is a DoubleSidekick production, and instead of giving us the very similar sounds he did in April-May, we get a retro 50’s gem.

The video is bright colors, cute tans, and summer appropriate interpretations of past styles (slight poodle skirts, and bathing suits that were hot back in the old days).

I like it. I love it. All of it. Just like two years ago with Sistar’s Loving U (another DS production), the song just breathes summer. And then the video itself were both bright, lacking that sexy concept, yet still had a lot of sensual elements. I was here for Loving U, and I am here for Darling.

The mini album, that accompanied this is also out, so be on the look out for that.

And enjoy.


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