Henry graces us with Fantastic

Three days before his solo comeback, Henry (via SM) debuted his new single Fantastic.

More under the break.

I like the song. It has a nice beat, and he don’t sound terrible.

The video is pretty okay. Like after the aesthetics that f(x)’s Red Light brought, anything else SM does this year is gonna pale in comparison if they don’t step it up. Still it is not terrible. That maze in the beginning was not useless as it was in Exo’s video, and there was something of a plot.

The girl is a violin…

I mean there is not much to the video to really understand. It seems like there is this supernatural/sci-fi vibe going on, but it doesn’t seem fleshed out. So…you get a nice video.

Overall this is a nice song, and definitely a step in the right direction after Trap. Watch I read these lyrics for the review and feel so differently about it.

Henry’s second mini album Fantastic will be released July 14, 2014.


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