Comeback confirmed for Sistar

After a year apart from the music scene as a group (trust me they kept their damn names in the public eye), Sistar are making their way back onto the scene late July.

There have been rumors floating, with semi confirmation for a summer return, focused on July, however it has finally been confirmed that the four piece girl group will be returning July 21, 2014.

The details of the comeback are still a little hazy. All the information that has been relayed is the date, the fact that the producer is not Double Sidekick or Brave Brothers (both have been in use a lot as of late), there is a showcase for the group sometime around their comeback, and Hyolyn is blond.

Extra thoughts below the break.

Sistar as a group is reliable for hits, and their music is good and in their lane. However it is their fourth year, and I kind of want them to step it up.The top girlgroups have been trying for the next level, and with various results. SNSD had a nice song in Mr. Mr., and the idea of a suit wearing lady troop was a good idea…but the execution was meh. 2ne1 had a great return after a two year wait album wise, but the music could have been a little tighter. f(x) was trying to be about shit, and they did a good job…sans the lyrics.

Sistar needs to come hard or go home, but that would mean A) going against their set image and B) Starship would have to invest in making it work.

Loen got stocks in them, so we may get something different (more money means more resources, which means more room for some creative shit)…especially after their attempt with Boyfriend.

Ultimately Sistar returning is a good thing for me. They are a favorite group, and I love their music and aestheitic. The issue is…I initially had an aversion to their album because it sounded so regular (Especially after Give It To Me, which while theatrical, was more dynamic than the rest of the album, and did not fit at all. The album was good, but it hardly felt like a step up from their 2012 ep Alone. What else bothered me is the fact that everything else the group does seems to be taken steps to a more mature feel. Sistar19’s second single was the darker cooing of Gone Not Around Any Long, and Hyorin’s solo debut was Lonely and One Way Love, while her album felt made sure to distinguish her as a mature solo act. Soyu musically also contributed to songs that would feel out of place on a Sistar album.

The groups image seems more mature now, and hopefully the music will reflect that.



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