Z. Hera *finally* makes a return

Okay see…I liked Peacock…but I was eh about her voice.

A smooth year later, Z. Hera makes her comeback with D Island.

Under the break for my thoughts.


I love the song. A very nice mellow, but still flowing track. It doesn’t feel like it is lacking, and has an actual chorus, but not giving you Korean Ballad. It has this spacey western vibe, like something dangerous in the mist. Plus Z. Hera stepped up. I liked her voice, but I thought she was admittedly dull on Peacock. Here however, she is giving you a more passionate performance. It is not even about doing high notes, but just a general output of drive. The littlest things, like trying when you sing, matters to me.

The video…well I don’t share that same sentiment. Don’t trust that sickening visual you get right before you press play. The video is doing a lot. Like…there are things I like. First off…diverse cast. A black girl as the second lead…homoerotic vibes. With a black chick. Can we talk about it. Some of the imagery is great (specifically when she and the other girl are sitting on the chair thing, with the images running in the background. That looked great. The beach scenes were pretty. There was a lot going on and it did not mesh. I will give props for them telling a story and making sure it got told. But I feel like this video is really heavy on the metaphors and…yeah…over that. I almost wish she had just done a simple video on a white background, with the images showing on the back (as seen in most of the video).

I fucks with this song.

I don’t fucks with this video.

Still I really like Z. Hera, and I want more for her, especially since this is a step up in the right direction (musically).


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