Sera appreciation time

2014 has been scandalous.

Outside of the big three, one of the smaller controversies that popped up were the departures of members from a specific girl group. Nine Muses has already had a meh year, and they have not even come back. First two members had left earlier, both to the graduation program. I think they are still with the company however.

Then…not even months after they had left, Sera had bowed out. Now Sera is a little special. She was the main vocalist, and if you watched the documentary for the group…you will have saw that she had a hard time. Bless the girl for taking heat for her members, when she was the leader. She tried, and she really wanted to be a singer. If you watched that and did not like Sera you had issues.

Anyway fast forward and she is pretty much known as a backbone for the group. Nine Muses, and the company have lost a very popular, very integral member. It’s all kinds of sad. However…Sera has been trying to make sure she does not fall off.


She opened a youtube. And she does post covers.

So while we wait for Sera to hopefully get picked up, and continue on her career (because an underdog story needs to end in success), let’s appreciate some of her covers.

These are not even the tip of the iceberg, but I love them. She covers a lot of songs, and gives them that indie pop vibe to them, which fits her nasally soft, but sweet voice. I enjoy her. I want her to upload more. But if she isn’t uploading that means she hopefully out there on her grind.

I have to give it to her. I do wish she would work on her vocals, but the potential she has musically. If she is the one who is creating these harmonies and arrangements…then yes. THey are creative, and show a sign of musical intelligence. We have very few female acts in K Pop who get that type of shine, and I would hope she gets to express herself more.

So I end this post on a video of an original song she did, titled Mine. Hopefully she finds success and happiness.


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