Fiestar returns with summer anthem One More

July has been good with the music in my opinion. Here we have Fiestar on the comeback train with One More.

The song is great. Without even knowing what it was about I was jamming. The song has a groove you have to go with, and the hook works with it. The lyrics are cool. It’s about a relationship that is faltering, and the protagonist (the ladies of Fiestar) are saying they want to take their relationship to the next level, or their love will go. The next level is not really said…on a pg level they are probably talking about expressing romantic feelings. On another level, they talking about doing grown person shit like sex; this is backed up by the fact they continue to talk about being in a room alone with their respective partners all day and night, but nothing has happened. Of course you want this to make it to broadcast, so be vague but not really.

The video is awesome. Solo shots looked good, the girls were killing it on the choreography. Some nice semi artsy moments. Also a cute shirtless guy.

Always nice.

Fiestar as  a group…I don’t know them. However with One More, I really wouldn’t mind another release from them.


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